Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5362

Hearing Hong Changqing’s answer, Ye Chen couldn’t help but ask with some curiosity, “Using a civil fire to cook the medicine, it cooks it out stronger than the others?”

“Right!” Hong Changqing nodded his head repeatedly and explained, “And this kind of strong comes very magical, whether you use it to cook soup pills or use it to boil medicine clay to make pills, it can make your final finished medicine, more potent!”

Saying that, Hong Changqing added: “You can say, for example, that if I were to prescribe a prescription now, which can nourish yin and tonify yang and revive a man’s virility, if you were to boil it in an ordinary casserole, it might take three days and nine pairs of pills to take effect, then the medicine boiled in this medicine pot would only take two days and six pairs to have the same effect.”

When Hong Changqing said this, he was already a little excited and explained with devotion, “This is not the most important thing, the most important thing is that this medicine will also undergo a qualitative change!”

“Let’s take those seventy-years-old and eighty-years-old male tycoons, the same medicinal formula, if he doesn’t use this medicinal censer to boil, he just drink it for a month straight, he can at most achieve night and day, but the quality of this night and day, that is, this degree of rejuvenation ah, he can only reach sixty points, that is, barely pass;”

“But if he drinks the medicine from this pot, not only will he be able to sing night and day, he will be able to revive his virility to the extent of seventy, or even seventy-five points! This is very powerful! Not only has it concentrated the medicinal effects, it has also sublimated them.”

As Chen Xiaozhao listened to his serious presentation, she could not help but blush and spit in a low voice, “Yuck! Lascivious monk and demon! Disrespectful for the old man!”

Hong Changqing was embarrassed for a moment, he hurriedly explained, “Gentlemen …… I didn’t mean anything else, just a casual analogy ……”

Ye Chen knew that people like Hong Changqing, don’t look like he was very strong and a disciple of the Daoist sect, but he was actually still very worldly and only thought of using what he had learned to cater to the powerful and noble, just like those so-called high priests who were keen on preaching for the rich and famous stars.

On a day-to-day basis, he must have come into contact with the rich and powerful, who, having reached the peak of their material life, must have entered the stage of seeking youthfulness in old age, health in sickness, virility in impotence and rebirth in death, and someone like Hong Changqing was a high achiever who could, to a certain extent, satisfy these needs, so he must have some means in this regard.

However, Ye Chen did not care about this, what he cared about was that this medicine censer could have a certain enhancement effect even if the medicine was cooked with a civilian fire, so I guess its magic was not only in the internal formation, but even in its special material.

If that was the case, if he used spiritual qi to refine pills, wouldn’t he be able to get the double boost of the material and the formation?

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s heart became even more excited, and looking at Hong Changqing’s obsequious look, he was not as disgusted as before, so he asked him, “Right, what services do you usually provide for those powerful people?”

Hong Changqing said truthfully, “Master Ye, what I can provide are only healing of the living, supernatural treatment of the dead, body strengthening, body cultivation, secret feng shui techniques, fortune telling and dream interpretation, among which the most popular ones are healing of the living and body strengthening. fame, so for a long time, it mixed a name of the Heavenly Master …… ”

Ye Chen nodded and asked, “I heard that you are familiar with the An family in the United States?”

Hong Changqing said without thinking, “Yes …… The old lady of the An family started to convert to Taoism twenty years ago, it was one of my clients who introduced her at that time, and she became a resident of Tai Chen Tao, besides often giving sermons for her deceased daughter and son-in-law, she also often asked me to help with divination, as if she was trying to find that grandson of hers s whereabouts ……”

Ye Chen looked stunned, his heart could not help but be a little moved, and then asked him, “Did you divine for her?”