Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5361

  If one were to refine medicine with aura, it would be like smelting iron for the ancients. Although one could barely reach the temperature needed for smelting iron by using high heat charcoal with a bellows, the quality of the smelted iron would still be much inferior to the high temperature blast furnaces of modern industry because the temperature was not sufficient.

And this medicine pot is the equivalent of a blast furnace in modern iron smelting!

The same iron ore, if used in the most primitive way, the iron refined can only make some swords at most, but if smelted from a modern blast furnace, the steel can be used to make aircraft cannons, or even aircraft carriers.

Moreover, to refine pills with bare hands, one can only refine some low grade pills, once it reaches the middle and high grade, one must have a pill censer to be able to refine it, so this thing also has great significance to Ye Chen’s future development!

At this moment, Ye Chen’s heart was naturally overjoyed.

However, he was also a little curious, this Hong Changqing was just a Daoist who practiced martial arts, and had no spiritual energy at all, so how could he use this pill censer to refine pills?

Thinking of this, Ye Chen couldn’t help but ask, “Heavenly Master Hong, I’m curious to ask you, what do you usually use this for?”

Hong Changqing’s pair of eyes stared straight at the medicine pot, his eyes full of reluctance and pain, and he muttered under his breath, “I usually use this medicine pot to refine some soup pills, or introductory pills.”

Ye Chen asked, “Do you know how to use it, or to be more blunt, how do you use it?”

Hong Changqing explained, “Just add some charcoal to the bottom of the cauldron, then pour the herbs and water into the inside of the cauldron and boil it with a gentle fire …… Actually, it’s the same as using a casserole to cook Chinese medicine …… ”

“With charcoal fire?” Ye Chen was stunned and turned over the three-legged medicinal censer in his hands, and indeed, he saw traces of blackening by charcoal fire at the bottom, and it looked like it had been smoked by charcoal fire for not just a few years or decades, but perhaps even for hundreds of years.

Ye Chen couldn’t help but think in his heart, “Damn, these silly Daoist priests of Tai Zhen Dao, to use charcoal to burn a magic weapon, what a waste!”

Thinking of this, Ye Chen asked again, “Could it be that your ancestors of the Tai Zhen Dao all used this medicinal censer with charcoal fire to refine pills?”

“Right.” Hong Changqing subconsciously said, “That’s how the pill cauldron was originally used, ah, if this medicinal material is not boiled with water and fire, how can there be any other way to refine it into a pill? Is it hard to use the Three Flavours True Fire as they say in mythology?”

Ye Chen couldn’t help but laugh dumbly.

It seemed that this Tai Chen Dao had also obtained this pill censer by chance and had no idea how to actually use it.

From this, it could also be seen that in the thousands of years of history of the Tai Chen Dao, with so many generations of heirs, no one had been able to master the aura, which was indeed a bit sad when one thought about it.

However, Ye Chen could not help but wonder in his heart, “Since so many people in the Tai Chen Dao did not know the actual usage of this Medicine Cauldron, then why did they worship this Medicine Cauldron as the treasure of the sect?”

Thinking of this, Ye Chen deliberately asked Hong Changqing, “Like this medicinal censer of yours, what is the difference between it and the casserole used by ordinary people to cook medicine? If you say it’s beautiful, it’s not the best-looking bronze vessel, and if you say it has any other heritage value, it doesn’t even have a mark on it, so even if it’s old, it won’t fetch a high price, so why do you still treat it as a school treasure? Is there some secret in it that outsiders don’t know?”

“This ……” Hong Changqing originally did not want to say, because it was, after all, an untold secret of the sect.

But then he thought, “But fuck it, the tripod is fucking gone, what’s the secret of the division …… I might as well give up the truth with this son of a bitch named Ye, maybe I can even get a little bit of favourable treatment from him in return …… ”

Thinking of this, he immediately blurted out, “Master Ye, the magic of this medicine pot is not in simply cooking the medicine! But rather, you take the same prescription, the same herbs, the same amount of medicine, put in it and other vessels together to boil, the medicine cooked with it, in terms of medicinal effect, is to be stronger than the medicine cooked in other vessels, a cut above!”