Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5359

  At this moment, he finally understood, “So I have long been targeted by this Grandmaster Ye …… I was naive enough to think that I had set a trap for Shi Tianqi, but to my surprise, I myself was instead fitted into the trap by this Grandmaster Ye!”

  At the same time, he couldn’t help but wonder in his heart, “Not many people know about me coming to look for the Spring Return Pill! Apart from the people of the An Family, there was only Gu Qiuyi who was at the An Family that day, bringing the divine Pill to save An Qishan …… Could it be that this Ye Chen, knew them?!”

  Thinking of this, a lightning bolt suddenly struck in Hong Changqing’s brain, and he instantly dawned on him and said with a shudder, “Master Ye …… you …… are the one who refined the Spring Return Pill?!”

  The corner of Ye Chen’s mouth rose slightly: “You’re still smart.”

  Hearing these words, Hong Changqing nodded his head and bowed, saying with incomparable devotion under his breath, “The 39th generation of Tai Chen Dao’s heir, Hong Changqing, kowtows to the master!”

  Ye Chen brushed aside his mouth, “I am not from your Daoist sect, much less a master.”

  Hong Changqing was astonished: “You …… are not a member of the Daoist sect? But …… but the art of alchemy is the untold secret of the Daoist sect! You are able to refine a miracle pill like the Spring Return Pill, so you must have obtained the true tradition of the Daoist Sect, how could you not be a member of the Daoist Sect ……”

  Ye Chen hummed and laughed: “Pill refining is not a patent of the Dao Sect, who said that only people from the Dao Sect can refine it? What’s more, although you are a member of the Dao Sect, are the pills you refine reliable? If it was reliable, I’m afraid that if you saved the An family’s old man that day, it wouldn’t have been my turn to disperse blood to save his heart, would it?”

  Hong Changqing was ashamed and hung his head in repentance, “What Master Ye said is very true, I am sitting in a well and watching the sky, not knowing that there is a higher and wider world outside the Daoist Sect, I hope Master Ye will bear with me ……”

  Ye Chen nodded: “Don’t say that, although you are not young, but this attitude of admitting your mistakes is still quite good.”

  Hong Changqing’s face was red with shame, but he could only say, “As the sage said, if you know your mistakes, you can correct them.

  Ye Chen laughed: “Don’t set me up here either, I didn’t say I would show you mercy.”

  ”Yes, yes, yes ……” Hong Changqing nodded his head like garlic and said with immense respect, “It was my eyes that were blind and provoked Grandmaster Ye in the first place, whatever punishment Grandmaster Ye has for me, I wouldn’t dare to have a single bit of dissatisfaction ……”

  Ye Chen smiled slightly, nodded and said: “Okay, what you said is good, and then you will see the actual action. Where is the medicine cauldron you used as a bet? Take it out.”

  Hong Changqing’s expression was stunned, and at this moment, he was struggling to death inwardly.

  Seeing his hesitation, Ye Chen hummed and laughed, “What? At this point in time, you still can’t concede a bet?”

  Hong Changqing shivered violently in fear!

  At this moment, he finally realised the reality that he was already in danger of losing his life, so what was the use of holding on to that pill pot?

  Thinking of this, he ruthlessly took off the cloth pocket from his body and respectfully held it in front of Ye Chen with both hands, saying with a humble face, “Master Ye, this is a pill censer that has been passed down from my master for nearly a thousand years, I would like to give it to Master Ye as an apology!

  Ye Chen did not accept the cloth bag, but looked at him with interest and asked, “Do you really want to give it to me?”

  Hong Changqing gritted his teeth and said respectfully, “Yes, I truly want to give it to Master Ye!”

  Ye Chen smiled and asked him, “Is it sincere?”

  Hong Changqing nodded, “It is sincere!”

  Ye Chen asked again, “You don’t regret it?”

  Although Hong Changqing’s heart was aching like a spring of blood, he still nodded heavily, “No …… no regrets!”

  Ye Chen smiled with satisfaction, “Since you are so sure, then I will begrudgingly accept it!”