Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5358

The fist of an eight-star martial artist is as strong as a fully loaded heavy truck.

  When the surging power was all concentrated on the fist surface made up of four fingers, the wind was even more terrifying!

  Not to mention that Ye Chen could clearly feel the powerful impact of the wind, even Chen Xiaozhao, who was two metres away, could clearly feel a surging sensation similar to a hurricane blowing against his face.

  At this moment, Chen Xiaozhao’s heart gripped into a ball, and she couldn’t hide her panic as she shouted out loud, “Master Ye, be careful!”

  Before she could finish her words, she heard a loud boom, a powerful impact that even made Chen Xiaozhao’s eardrums, as well as her internal organs, hurt from the tremendous impact.

  When Shi Tianqi inside heard his granddaughter’s shout, he did not care about Ye Chen’s order for him to wait behind him and ran out apprehensively to see what was going on.

  However, when both the grandfather and grandson’s eyes looked at Ye Chen and Hong Changqing, they found that the two were as still as if they were at that moment.

  Hong Changqing’s face was fierce, and his right fist had already struck Ye Chen’s face.

  Ye Chen, on the other hand, had a bland look on his face and only extended a middle finger with his right hand, easily blocking Hong Changqing’s fist in front of him.

  Hong Changqing’s expression, at this time, also gradually turned from a murderous and fierce look to one of bewilderment, to one of helplessness, to one of panic, to one of horror ……

  He couldn’t believe that with his full force, this kid could easily resist with just a middle finger!

  The gesture of the middle finger is a universal body language, and seeing it is the same as hearing the other person say: fuck you, fuck you or you’re an idiot.

  However, as much as his expression changed, he could not change back to his previous arrogant and domineering expression.

  As Ye Chen’s smile became more and more playful, his heart became more and more fearful.

  At this moment, he swallowed hard to moisten his throat, which was dry and painful from the tension.

  Afterwards, he subconsciously muttered, “How is this possible …… this is how it is possible …… I am an eight-star martial artist …… eight-star martial artist ……”

  After saying that, he jerked his head up and looked at Ye Chen fearfully, “You …… who the hell are you ……”

  Ye Chen smiled, “In the past, when people asked me this question, I would usually tell them that I was someone he couldn’t afford to mess with.”

  Hong Changqing subconsciously asked, “So …… what about now ……”

  Ye Chen sneered with a disdainful face, “Now I’m also someone you can’t afford to mess with, is there any need to ask?”

  Hong Changqing realized that he had been tricked by Ye Chen again, but at this moment, even if he had been tricked by Ye Chen, there was no half anger in his heart, there was only fear.

  This was because Hong Changqing had already realized that Ye Chen’s strength was no longer on the same level as his own, or even in the same world.

  The ancient saying of an overrate shaking a tree perfectly illustrated his feelings at this moment.

  Hong Changqing subconsciously took a step back, like a three-year-old child who had made a mistake, and said in fear: “I have eyes that do not know the mountain, offended Master Ye …… I hope Master Ye will have mercy …… “

  Ye Chen looked at Hong Changqing and said indifferently, “Come, I’ll give you a chance to ask the question you just asked again.”

  Hong Changqing froze, then hurriedly bowed and said, “Master Ye, I am like an ant in front of you, and how dare I go below and ask you about your identity ……”

  Ye Chen laughed: “Look, when you are not given the chance, you prefer to forcefully pretend, when you are given the chance, you are abashed again, not useful ah Hong Tian Shi.”

  Hong Changqing’s body shivered in fear and fell to his knees with a poof, saying in a panicked and trembling voice, “Master Ye, calm down …… I really don’t dare to be reckless in front of you ……”

  Ye Chen smiled and said blandly, “I heard that you came to Jinling to look for clues to the Spring Return Pill?”

  After hearing this, Hong Changqing’s heart thudded even more!