Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5352

“Fuck you!”

At this moment, Hong Tian Shi’s mouthful of teeth almost gnashed!

He didn’t expect that this brat in front of him would be so cheap, so cheap that it would make one’s heart burst with murder!

It was obvious that he had spared his life and let him off the hook, but instead of appreciating it, she had even spoken such disrespectful words to him, which was simply ‘tolerable!

However, the more Ye Chen provoked him, the more he did not dare to make a move with Ye Chen.

It wasn’t that he was afraid of Ye Chen, it was mainly because he was afraid of causing a law and order incident here, or even a criminal case.

Once that happened, the police would be involved, and although he was an eight-star martial artist, he definitely wouldn’t dare to blatantly go against the police in a metropolis like Jinling.

In his mind, it was easy for him to beat Ye Chen to death, just by punching him, he would be able to crack his brain.

However, how to end the fight afterwards became very troublesome.

Once he became a wanted criminal in Jinling, how could he find the whereabouts of the Spring Return Pill here without worrying?!

Moreover, the reason why he wanted this Ji Shi Tang of Shi Tian Qi was because after asking around, he learned that Shi Tian Qi of this Ji Shi Tang was the most famous national doctor in Jinling, and there were also rumours that he had once cured a paraplegic patient with a miraculous medicine, which was very miraculous.

At that moment, he realised that if this was true, then it was likely that Shi Tianqi also had the same elixir as Gu Qiuyi.

However, he had come over several times before in the guise of a patient to try it out, only to find that although Shi Tianqi was very good at Chinese medicine, he was not proficient in the way of alchemy, so it was impossible for him to make that kind of elixir that turned decay into magic.

So, he moved his own twisted thoughts.

He wanted to use a provocative method to force Shi Tianqi to compete with himself in medical skills, and then set him up to lose Ji Shi Tang to himself.

In this way, if there was another capable person behind Shi Tianqi, then he might be able to lure the capable person out.

If Shi Tianqi did not have a capable person behind him, then he could make a name for himself in Jinling if he beat him in medicine and took over his Jishi Hall.

With fame, he would also have the capital to quickly gain a foothold in Jinling.

And he knew very well that the top talents in both directions, be it medicine or metaphysics, would become the object of competition among the powerful and noble.

Once he had replaced Shi Tianqi, he would certainly become a sought-after divine doctor in the eyes of the powerful and noble in Jinling, and this would also facilitate his quick integration into the upper echelons of Jinling’s society, as well as facilitate spying.

It was precisely for this reason that Ji Shi Tang became the first battle he was determined to win in his eyes.

And although the Ye Chen in front of him was arrogant, Hong Tian Shi did not think that Ye Chen would be the capable person behind Shi Tian Qi, but only saw him as a clown.

Right now, this clown was bouncing around in front of him, so he was really annoyed, but he couldn’t beat him up, so he said with a black face, “Kid, do you know that no one has ever dared to talk to me like you in my life?”

Ye Chen bristled, “You’re a husky with a chicken feather duster up your ass, what the fuck are you pretending to be, if you want to act tough, go to the Xuanwu police station across the road, don’t fucking annoy me here.”

“You!” But when he heard that the police station was across the road, he could only force himself to resist the urge. To be fair, even if you don’t scorn my strength, looking at my age, you still have to give me some face!”

Ye Chen grinned, “You’re barking like a wild dog in front of me early in the morning, and you want me to give you face, I don’t know who the hell you are?”

After saying that, Ye Chen added: “Come on, introduce to me your surname, your name, where you come from and where you are going!”