Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5348

Ye Chen didn’t expect that the reason why Shi Tianqi wanted to leave Jinling was because he had lost a bet with someone about Ji Shi Tang.

  What’s more, he didn’t expect that the reason this old man had bet with someone else was to win a pill censer for himself.

  He asked, somewhat puzzled, “Divine Doctor Shi, the one you bet with, who was it?”

  ”I don’t know.” Shi Tianqi replied, “That person is quite wild, he only said his surname was Hong and he was known as Hong Tian Shi.”

  ”Hong Tian Shi?” When Ye Chen heard those three words, he suddenly frowned.

  After Gu Qiuyi had delivered the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill for Grandpa, Ye Chen had heard her talk about this name.

  According to her, this person was a very senior Daoist priest in the American Chinese circle, known as Hong Tian Shi, who was very close to his own grandmother, and at that time, when Grandpa was critically ill, he had made a special trip to save him, and for this reason, he had a slight argument with Gu Qiuyi.

  After seeing the efficacy of the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill, this man was bent on finding the person who had made the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill. After hearing his great uncle An Chongqiu talk about the appearance of the Spring Returning Pill in Jinling, he immediately decided to come to Jinling to look for it.

  Gu Qiuyi had deliberately reminded herself at the time to be careful of this Hong Tian Shi in the future, but she was still in America at the time, so she did not take this person seriously.

  But now it seemed that this man had indeed come to Jinling and had found his way to his side.

  He had made a bet with Shi Tianqi, I don’t know if he had simply taken a fancy to Shi Tianqi’s Ji Shi Tang, or if he had already found out about himself and was specifically looking for an entry point from Shi Tianqi.

  However, Ye Chen was not the least bit nervous, in his opinion, a person who could be scared to death by the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill was not capable of anything, so if he was really a bad guy, he could just arrest him and let Hong Wu take him to the dog farm.

  The reason why Ye Chen was so arrogant was not because he was blindly confident, it was just that some small details of the other party had penetrated his own bottom.

  If a person was appalled at the sight of a Rolls-Royce, then the odds were that this person could not afford a Rolls-Royce for his or her price.

  People who could really afford a Rolls-Royce would not find it unattainable even if they did not have one.

  So he asked Shi Tianqi, “Doctor Shi, what have you compared with him?”

  Shi Tianqi sighed and said, “He wanted to compete with me in pulse taking, and he had to choose a female patient who had given birth to a child at random to compete, and there were three points. The third point is to number the number of pregnancies of the opponent, whoever is closest to the actual number of times, whoever counts as the winner …… A total of three games, three games and two winners finally wins ……”

  Ye Chen couldn’t help but say awkwardly, “Doctor Shi, let me say something off topic, isn’t it a bit inappropriate for you two doctors to compete and guess the number of times a female patient has her menstruation and pregnancy?”

  Shi Tianqi was busy explaining, “Master Ye, you don’t know, these have traditionally been the content of pulse-taking competitions between ancient imperial doctors, although it does sound a bit indecent, but in reality, as women have many more physiological stages than men, it is gynaecology that best reflects a healer’s ability to take a pulse;”

  ”An ordinary healer can tell a woman’s happy pulse in the early stages of pregnancy, a healer at a higher level can deduce the date of a pregnant woman’s labour by taking her pulse, a healer at a higher level can even tell how many times the other woman has conceived and given birth, and it is said that there are top imperial doctors who can even tell the sex of a foetus by taking its pulse, although such people have only been seen in ancient texts. “

  ”Okay.” Ye Chen sighed helplessly and asked him, “Two out of three, how many games did you lose?”

  Shi Tianqi lowered his head and said in shame, “Back to Mr. Ye, old man lost three games ……”

  Ye Chen couldn’t help but frown: “The other party is just a Daoist priest, as far as I know it is often the way of alchemy that he studies, he shouldn’t be too proficient in the art of healing, would you really lose three games to him?”