Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5344

“Su Chengfeng’s change was indeed something that many people did not expect.

In the eyes of many members of the Su family, he was the stone in the thatch pit, so smelly and hard that there had never been anyone, who dared to challenge his authority in the Su family, and he, too, had never bowed his head to anyone in the Su family.

But this time, he did have the sense to change his ways.

After he arrived at Buckingham Palace, the first thing he did was to find Su Ruoli, accompanied by Su Shoudao and He Yingxiu, and sincerely apologised to Su Ruoli and prayed for her forgiveness.

He bowed slightly and said to Su Ruoli, “Ruoli, in the past, grandpa treated you with many debts, and even betrayed you repeatedly for the sake of the Su family’s interests, now grandpa does not dare to ask for your forgiveness, but only hopes that you can accept grandpa’s sincere apology ……”

Su Ruoli did not expect that Su Chengfeng would take the initiative to apologize to herself, thinking back to herself as an illegitimate daughter, she had never been acknowledged by Su Chengfeng either, and although she knew that he was her grandfather, she never dared to really treat him as a grandfather, let alone expect him to treat her as a granddaughter.

When she thinks of how she was repeatedly abandoned by the Su family, and even narrowly escaped death at the hands of the Japanese Self-Defence Forces, she is still indignant.

When she thought of the times she had almost died, Su Ruo Li’s tears rolled down her face uncontrollably.

But although she was crying, she said to Su Chengfeng, “You have already paid the price for what you did, and I don’t blame you anymore.”

When Su Chengfeng saw that she could not stop her tears, his heart was also ashamed.

But the good thing was that Su Ruoli was still willing to forgive herself, and this was something that she had achieved for herself.

Afterwards, Su Shoudao called Su Zhiyu and told her about the old man’s desire to visit Du Haiqing at home.

When Du Haiqing learnt of it, she also graciously expressed her welcome.

Su Shoudao wanted to accompany Su Chengfeng, but Su Chengfeng admonished him in a low voice, “Shoudao, since you’re getting married to Yingxiu, you have to keep your distance from Haiqing and stop making Yingxiu uncomfortable in her heart, on Haiqing’s side, I’ll just ask the driver to send me there, and you should find a chance to talk to Ye Chen and see if he’s willing to be a witness for the two of you.”

Su Shoudao pondered for a moment, nodded gently and said, “Okay dad, I’ll find a chance to ask Ye Chen.”

When Su Chengfeng used his sincerity and exchanged it for the forgiveness of Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu’s mother and daughter, Su Shoudao took the initiative to give Ye Chen a call.

At this moment, Ye Chen was locked himself up in his Champs-Elysees Spa villa, thinking hard.

After coming out of Du Haiqing’s house in the afternoon, he couldn’t wait to come here to continue his research on the ring that Lin Wan’er had given him.

Today, the ring was throbbing again, causing Ye Chen to begin to be a little puzzled.

Ever since he had gotten it, this ring had been acting like an aura fraud, no matter how much aura he poured into it, it did not give half a response.

However, since the last time it pulsed inexplicably at Jinling University, and today at the underground garage of Townsend I, it had suddenly pulsed for the second time.

In Ye Chen’s subconscious mind, he had always felt that this thing was definitely not simple, because the amount of spiritual energy he had input into this ring was already a sea of energy, and if he used that spiritual energy to activate the Thunderstorm Talisman, the whole of Jinling was afraid that the thunderstorm would not stop or rain for at least three to five days.

However, such a powerful amount of energy could disappear without a trace when it entered this small ring.

He knew that everything in the world had to follow a basic physical rule, and the law of conservation of energy was one of them.