Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5343

  After saying that, he looked at He Yingxiu, who was sitting in the passenger seat, and said with a face full of shame, “Yingxiu, when I gave up Ruo Li for the Su family, my heart was indeed extremely ashamed, I still hope that you two mothers will not hold a grudge against me ……”

He Yingxiu turned his head and said seriously, “Uncle Su, I know you had your own difficulties with Ruo Li, and you are not the only one to blame for this, Shoudao is also to blame, if he had not let Ruo Li go on a killing spree in Japan and wipe out the Matsumoto family, he would not have forced Ruo Li into such a passive position… …”

Su Chengfeng sighed and asked her, “Yingxiu, where is Ruo Li now? When I come back this time, I must apologize to her in person!”

Su Shoudao answered first, “Ruo Li is at the hotel preparing for the wedding site, you will be able to meet her when you go over later.”

“Good ……” Su Chengfeng nodded and asked again, “This time when you got married, did Ye Chen ask Zhi Fei to come back?”

“Came back.” Su Shoudao replied, “Zhi Fei has also just returned to Jinling, but I haven’t seen him yet, he went to Haiqing’s with Zhiyu first.”

“Oh yes.” Su Chengfeng lamented, “I almost forgot, Haiqing is also settled in Jinling ……”

He said, his expression was even more ashamed, and whispered, “At first I killed Hai Qing, and almost killed Zhiyu as well, I have been ashamed of them both in my heart, I don’t know if I have the opportunity to visit them this time, and apologize to Hai Qing, why don’t you ask her for me …… ”

“I’ll ask Zhiyu to say hello to Haiqing, and if Haiqing agrees with you, let Zhiyu take you there. ”

“Good …… good ……” Su Chengfeng nodded gently and said from the bottom of his heart: “During this time in Madagascar, I have also considered to be completely open-minded. In the past, I just took the Su family’s wealth and power too seriously, and my family and human feelings have been quite thin as a result, now that I’m relieved of my armor, I realize how hateful I was, I hope that before I go back this time, I can get forgiveness from Ruoli, Zhiyu and Haiqing’s side ……”

When Su Chengfeng was in power, he saw everything, but really after he was stripped of everything by Ye Chen, his state of mind had changed a lot.

As he grew older, what he had done back then had become a knot in his heart, and he truly hoped to be forgiven by his children and grandchildren, and this time, coming back to attend Su Shoudao’s wedding was a good opportunity to untie these knots.

After a moment of silence, Su Chengfeng remembered something and suddenly asked Su Shoudao, “Shoudao, who was the witness for your wedding to Yingxiu?”

“The witness?” Su Shoudao subconsciously said, “We didn’t invite a witness, and besides my family and Yingxiu’s family, we didn’t invite any outsiders to the wedding, so we thought we would just do it in a low profile, and Ruo Li invited a famous male MC from Yanjing to guest officiate, so we didn’t consider the matter of a witness.”

Su Chengfeng nodded and said seriously, “You two should take the time to ask Ye Chen to see if he is willing to be your witness.”

“Ye Chen?” Su Shoudao said awkwardly, “Dad, it’s not that I have anything against Ye Chen, it’s just that when people invite witnesses they invite elders or leaders, there’s no such thing as asking a junior to be a witness ……”

“A junior?” Su Chengfeng laughed and asked him rhetorically, “Shoudao, do you think that with our current situation, we are still qualified to discuss seniority with Ye Chen? Even if you think that he should at least call you an uncle, that’s still a big trust on your part!”