Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5339

“A test?” Su Zhi Fei looked at his mother with some confusion and asked in confusion, “Mom, what do you mean by that?”

Du Haiqing said seriously, “Ye Chen’s main purpose in coming over today should be to ask you that question and see if you will take this opportunity to end this pilgrimage.”

Su Zhi Fei asked her, “Then what is Mr Ye planning to test me for? To test the sincerity of my heart?”

“Something like that!” Du Haiqing nodded slightly and explained, “Ye Chen’s style of action is still very much like his father’s. Although I don’t know Ye Chen, I know Ye Changye, and what makes Ye Changye different from most leaders is that his primary prerequisite for hiring people is not ability, nor origin, but character.”

After a pause, Du Haiqing added: “In his eyes, no matter how capable a person is, as long as that person’s character is not proper, he will not make deep friends, let alone put them into his career blueprint.”

“But nowadays many people don’t care about this, many bosses themselves start from a point of no good intentions, he just wants to squeeze out the ability and value of the other party and then discard it at will, so they use people, first of all, they look at ability, not character, but such people, often also a double-edged sword, even if they can create a certain value in a short period of time, but two unsuspecting, both who want the winner takes it all, how can they create a win-win situation? Therefore, this situation must do more harm than good in the long run, and it is precisely because of this that the first and foremost prerequisite for Ye Changtao’s hiring of people is that they are of good character;”

Speaking here, Du Haiqing added: “Ye Chen let out to let He Yingxiu put your father under house arrest, I think he must have some intention, as long as Su Shoudao can think straight and meet Ye Chen’s criteria for testing him, Ye Chen will give him his freedom, if you don’t believe me, wait and see, after the wedding on the eighth, he will definitely be able to regain his freedom.”

Su Zhi Fei was surprised and asked, “Mom, do you mean that Mr. Ye intends to use me?”

Du Haiqing said seriously, “It may not be that he uses you, it could also be your sister.”

Su Zhiyu nodded and spoke, “Then when brother returns from his pilgrimage, he will be able to return to work at Su’s Group!”

“That’s right.” Du Haiqing sighed, “Ye Chen tested your brother, I think it’s also for you, his mind is as fine as his father’s.”

Su Zhi Fei was silent for a moment, then suddenly realized, “Mom, I understand what Mr. Ye means …… He wants me to be down-to-earth and share the burden for Zhiyu without any distractions, but only if he feels that my character has changed qualitatively from before, if I am still the same person who turns back at any time for the sake of profit, he will definitely not let me get my hands on the Su family’s business.”

Du Haiqing nodded and said, “That’s right, that’s it, so you absolutely can’t have any other thoughts either, if you let him down again, he may never give you any chance again.”

If you let him down again, he may never give you another chance.” Su Zhi Fei said without a second thought, “Don’t worry, I am not the same person who still wants to inherit the Su family, and this pilgrimage has made me understand that I must not let my loved ones down. Even if it’s just the money in my own account, it’s still enough for me to live a carefree life.”