Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5336

  ”Hearing the two of them say that a four-legged adult can be sold for 20,000 yuan, while the normal recruitment of a worker to burn the kiln would cost at least three to four thousand yuan a month, the kiln owner would buy the person back and just squeeze for more than half a year to make back his capital, and the rest would be pure profit;”

“At that time, that kiln owner had already driven over, and because I looked unconscious, gave the other side to bargain and press the price back to five thousand ……”

Su Zhiyu’s eyes widened and he hurriedly asked, “What happened afterwards?”

Su Zhi Fei said, “Then I was moved into an SUV by the kiln owner and his three thugs, at that time I tried to call for help, but because of the high fever, I was not even able to open my eyes completely, let alone resist ……”

“After getting into the car, I thought my life was definitely over, but to my surprise, the kiln owner’s SUV didn’t get very far before it was rear-ended by a car, and he got out with his thugs to argue with someone, and the four men were put down by a few shots from the other side ……”

Su Zhiyu asked impatiently, “And then what?!”

Su Zhi Fei whispered, “The two men who shot me, threw the bodies of the four of them into the ditch by the side of the road, then carried me out of the SUV and sent me back to that farmhouse again ……”

“Ah?!” Su Zhiyu was even more puzzled: “Why did you have to be sent back again ah?”

Su Zhi Fei said, “They thought I had been unconscious and didn’t know anything, so they discussed in the car that they would send me back to that farmhouse and then force that couple at gunpoint to take good care of me until I recovered, and then dispose of that couple after I left, but they didn’t know that I had heard all these conversations.”

The two men discussed in the car whether they should report the matter to General Manager Chen of Buckingham Palace, but they thought that I might encounter this small matter frequently in the future, and as long as my safety could be guaranteed, there was no need to report it every time, so I knew then that it was you who had been secretly arranging people to protect me. ……”

Immediately afterwards, Su Zhi Fei suddenly knelt down on the ground and kowtowed respectfully, saying gratefully, “Thank you, Mr. Ye, for saving my life so many times, I will never forget it!”

Ye Chen reached out to help him up and said indifferently, “For this matter, you don’t need to be grateful to me, you are Auntie Du’s son and Miss Su’s brother, and you didn’t commit a great crime of ten evils, so for reason, I can’t take your life, because of this, I let you go on a pilgrimage, the original intention, in fact, was to let you go on an ascetic training;”

“Although I have never made a pilgrimage on my knees, I have been experiencing all kinds of hardships since I was eight years old, until I was twenty-seven years old, and these hardships are, in my opinion, equally a kind of asceticism;”

“Austerity training can beat one’s heart, sharpen one’s will, and reshape one’s soul; no matter if you were previously well-clothed, arrogant and domineering, or if you had no food to eat, or if you despised yourself, you can find a transformation in austerity training;”

“If you can do this, it will be a good thing for you, and for your family;”

“If you can’t do it, at least you will also have a heart and a scruple because of the hard discipline along the way, and you will definitely be restrained in the future;”

Speaking at this point, Ye Chen turned his words and said in a firm tone, “But I definitely cannot let you lose your life on the way of hard discipline because of a natural or man-made disaster! In that case, not only would all this deviate from my original intention, I would also be unable to explain to Auntie Du and Miss Su.”