Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5327

  At this moment, Su Zhi Fei was still kneeling on the ground, with tears streaming down his face, but he said in a loud and firm voice, “Zhi Fei has no regard for the life and death of his mother and sister, but only wants his own future, this is unkind and unrighteous, disloyal and unfilial!”

Du Haiqing said seriously, “I can understand what you are saying, you can’t help yourself.

But Su Zhi Fei continued in a loud voice: “Wrong is wrong! All these excuses are just excuses! I could have chosen to stand with Mum and my sister, I could have chosen to seek justice for you, but I chose to put your lives and deaths at risk and only pursued my own interests, that was wrong!”

The fact that you can now realize where you were wrong is already a great relief to mum, and knowing what is right and wrong makes you worthy of your name.”

The three of us can have a good chat about family life.”

Su Zhiyu, who was at the side, also came forward and said, “Yes, brother, it’s not easy for you to come back this time, so spend more time with your mother, it’s better than kneeling here.”

Only then did Su Zhi Fei wipe his tears, stand up, follow his mother and enter this old mansion where Ye Chen had lived when he was young.

Du Haiqing took him straight to the bathroom, where the bathtub was already filled with water, and the toiletries as well as Jubilee’s clothes were neatly laid out just to the side.

Du Haiqing said to him, “Zhi Fei, mum has prepared new clothes for you, as well as toiletries and a razor, but not something for you to cut your hair, I see that your hair is quite long, why don’t you go out to a barber shop this afternoon and get a good cut?”

Su Zhi Fei shook his head and said, “I want to grow my hair for three years, and it’s only six months now.”

“Three years of hair growth?” Du Haiqing said in surprise, “Boys shouldn’t grow their hair too long, not to mention the difficult conditions you’ve had all this way, it’s not easy to take care of your hair.”

Su Zhi Fei said seriously, “Mom, last month, I met a couple on the road who, like me, were going on a pilgrimage to Da Zhao Monastery. I heard them talk about the suffering of their son before he died, and I felt so bad that I wanted to grow my hair and shave it off after three years to make wigs for the children who had lost their hair to chemotherapy. …”

Du Haiqing’s eyes were instantly filled with tears, she really did not expect that this son of hers would have such a big change, she had raised this son for more than 20 years, she had imagined that her son might not achieve anything in his life, she had also imagined that he might make a career in the market, but she had never thought that this son of hers could say such words in his life.

Su Zhiyu, who was standing at the door, was also in tears at this moment.

She then spoke up, “Brother, why don’t I donate some money and set up a charity fund in your name, specifically to help those children who have leukemia ……”

Su Zhi Fei turned his head to look at her and smiled, “Zhiyu, of course it’s fine for you to do good deeds, but don’t use my name, I can’t afford it.”

Saying that, he added with a sigh, “After I arrive at Dazhao Monastery and complete my salvation, I will do what I can to do something for them personally.”

Su Zhiyu couldn’t help but ask, “Brother, I’m afraid it will take you another year to reach the Da Zhaosi Temple, right?”

Su Zhi Fei laughed, “If I could get there a little faster each day than the day before, I might arrive in eight months!”