Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5323

  Saying that, Ito Nana-chan added, “Since we’ve all adopted the invitation system, if Ye Chenjun has a big client that he particularly wants to invite, he just needs to quietly do a good background check on him and make sure that he has no relationship with your heartthrob, then you can send him an invitation letter to invite him to be there, so that you can also avoid spreading the word.”

“Good idea.” Ye Chen couldn’t help but praise it, and his heart couldn’t help but think of his great uncle An Chongqiu.

If one followed Ito Nana-chan’s method, even though one knew that one knew that one’s great uncle was using a fake identity, when the second Spring Return Dan Auction was held next year, one would have to send an invitation to one’s great uncle according to the rules, and at that time, one did not know if one’s great uncle would still appear at the Spring Return Dan Auction.

After all, one had already set the rules for the Spring Return Pill, all successful bidders had to take the pill on the spot.

In that case, even if Great Uncle was invited to attend, he would only be able to bid for himself, and given how filial the An family was towards the old man, he would probably give up this opportunity by then.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen wondered if he should open a back door and send an invitation for him to come to the auction as well. That way, he would definitely have the strength to bid for the entire Spring Return Pill that would be the grand finale, and his physical condition could be greatly improved.

However, in that case, he would have to earn at least one to two hundred billion dollars from his grandfather, and Ye Chen felt that even if he took the money, it was still a bit hot.

So Ye Chen simply stopped thinking about it and decided to wait until next year when he actually decided to start the Spring Return Pill auction before he thought about it.

The two sisters, Su Zhiyu and Su Ruoli, had been listening silently. At this time, Su Zhiyu’s heart was already filled with jealousy, she could see that Ye Chen had a preference for Cai Cai Zi, but she did not expect that Cai Cai Zi could also advise Ye Chen.

Although Su Ruoli was also jealous, she was in a better state of mind than Su Zhiyu. In Su Zhiyu’s heart, Ye Chen was her benefactor and her beloved, while in Su Ruoli’s heart, Ye Chen was not only her benefactor and beloved, but also her master.

The reason why she said “master” was because Su Ruoli had decided to be loyal to Ye Chen for the rest of her life, so Ye Chen was like an ancient emperor to her, the object of her loyalty.

It was because of this knowledge that she did not expect any development between herself and Ye Chen.

As the saying goes, without hope, there is no disappointment.

In this respect, she was much more open-minded than Su Zhiyu.


Ito Nana-chan put aside the flower arrangement for the time being and said to Ye Chen while everyone was taking a lunch break, “Ye Chen-kun, Odo-san is already waiting for your big visit at Tomson Ichiban, should we leave now?”

“Sure.” Ye Chen agreed readily and said, “Take my car.”

“Good!” Nanae Ito nodded and instructed the maid she had brought with her to go to her hotel room to rest first, while she herself took off the apron she had put on when arranging the flowers and prepared to go with Ye Chen to meet her father, Yohiko Ito, at her new home.

At that moment, Chen Zekai came over and said to Ye Chen, “Young master, young master Su will land in Jinling in about forty minutes.”

Su Zhiyu, who hadn’t said much, heard this and hurriedly asked, “Mr Chen, my brother is arriving soon?”

“Right.” Richard Chen nodded and said, “Landing in forty minutes.”

Su Zhiyu looked towards Ye Chen and asked with an expectant face, “Mr. Ye, can I pick him up at the airport?”

“Of course you can.” Ye Chen agreed readily and spoke, “You should go to the airport now, and after picking him up, go see Auntie Du first, and after noon, I will visit Auntie Du at her home.”