Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5316

  So Su Ruoli asked Nanae Ito, “May I ask if Mr. Ito is here?”

“Coming.” Ito Nana-chan said in a low voice, “Oudosan he has been living in deep seclusion since his legs recovered, worried about being discovered by outsiders, so he went to his residence to rest first, he asked me to convey that he will definitely come to the scene to congratulate on the wedding day.”

After saying that, she asked Su Ruoli, “Is Auntie He here?”

Su Ruoli smiled, “Mum is trying on her wedding dress in the hotel room, Miss Song arranged for a designer to come here to tailor her, and Mr Chen then arranged for a presidential suite to facilitate the wedding preparations in the next few days.”

Ito Nanaiko nodded and smiled, “That’s good, let Auntie He take care of herself, and leave the wedding venue to us, the younger generation, to set up.”

Su Ruoli nodded slightly and then asked Ito Nana-chan, “By the way Miss Ito, have you told Mr. Ye in advance that you are coming here today?”

“No.” Ito Nana-chan said slightly shyly, “Ye Chenjun must be quite busy during the week, so I didn’t tell him in advance.”

Su Ruoli laughed, “Even if you didn’t tell him, Mr. Chen would have told him first, Mr. Ye attaches such importance to you that he might be on his way here right now.”

Ito Nana-chan blushed and said, “Not at all …… I see that Mr. Ye Chen also attaches great importance to you ……”

Su Ruoli, in a rare moment, also spoke with some shame, “I …… am in a different situation from you …… I am Mr. Ye’s subordinate and you are Mr. Ye’s confidante… …”

Ito Nanaeko looked at her and asked in mock curiosity, “Is it really just a subordinate?”

Su Ruoli said a little unnaturally for a moment, “It’s really just a subordinate …… Mr. Ye has saved me many times and helped me so much, I naturally have to always follow him around to repay his kindness to me, so naturally I’m his subordinate ……”

Ito Nanaiko nodded slightly and said with a smile, “In fact, I envy you more, being his subordinate, at least you can see him often, unlike me, it is not easy to see him once in a while.”

Su Ruoli faintly froze when she heard this.

Originally, she was very envious of Ito Nanaeko, after all, anyone with a discerning eye could see that although Ye Chen also had many confidantes, he had a special preference for her.

But when you think about it, what Ito Nana-chan says is not without merit.

She was usually in Japan and it was indeed not easy for her to see Ye Chen, unlike herself, who was in Jinling and naturally had many more chances to meet him.

Just as she was sighing in her heart, a sound of high heels came and Su Zhiyu, who was dressed in a professional suit and very capable, walked in quickly.

When Su Ruoli saw her coming, she hurriedly said to Nanaiko Ito, “Miss Ito, my sister is here, you and she should know each other too, right?”

Ito Nanaeko smiled and nodded, “I know each other, after all, we are both shareholders of Isuzu Shipping Company on the surface.”

Su Zhiyu had by now walked quickly in front of Su Ruoli, who said with a joyful face, “Sister, what brings you here?”

Su Zhiyu said with a smile, “Dad is getting married, so I, as a daughter, must come over.”

With that, she looked at Nanaiko Ito and smiled, “Miss Ito is here too, it’s been a long time.”

Nanaiko Ito nodded and smiled, “It’s been a long time Miss Su.”

Su Zhiyu looked around and asked Su Ruoli, “Ruoli, isn’t Dad here?”

Su Ruoli said with some embarrassment, “That …… dad he’s in the presidential suite …… accompanying my mum …… to try on her wedding dress. ”

Su Zhiyu nodded slightly and asked again, “Then is Mr. Ye here?”

“Not in.” Su Ruoli shook her head and asked her, “Sister, are you looking for Mr. Ye for something?”

Su Zhiyu pursed her lips and said with some uncertainty in her heart, “I’m looking for Mr. Ye because I want to beg him to give my brother a chance to come back for the wedding …… My brother is still on his way to kowtow the long head, Dad is getting married, he as the eldest son should be there, but I don’t know if Mr. Ye will agree ……”

The words had just fallen, and she heard a familiar voice that often sounded repeatedly in her dreams: “Since Miss Su wants Su Zhi Fei to come to the wedding, then I will arrange for someone to fetch him over!”