Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5315

  As Qian Hongyan was detained and Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong were sent to the hospital, Qian Hongyan’s dream of getting rich was officially declared shattered.


The following day, August 5th.

Nana Ito, her father and aunt flew into Jinling in the morning on the Ito family’s private jet.

Also arriving in Jinling with them were the maids that Nanaiko Ito had carefully selected from the family, and a large quantity of high-grade flowers purchased from all over Japan.

In the field of agriculture, the Americans are good at genetic modification, while the Japanese are good at breeding, and Japan is more adept at high-end categories.

The flowers that Nanaiko Ito brought from Japan were also top quality locally bred varieties that were not only full and beautiful but also very fresh.

As Koichi Tanaka had arrived in Jinling a few days ahead of the Ito family, a special motorcade was arranged to pick them up today.

As the Ito family left the airport by car, the flowers that had arrived randomly were taken away together with the multiple refrigerated trucks that had been prepared in advance.

Although only Ye Chen was on her mind, Nanaiko Ito’s first stop was at the Buckingham Palace Hotel.

However, instead of going to Buckingham Palace, Ito Yohiko was taken by Koichi Tanaka to the Tomson Ichiban. Before the wedding, Ito Yohiko did not intend to go to Buckingham Palace because he was, after all, a prominent figure in Japan and was worried about being seen by too many people and exposing the secret of his legs being reborn.

It was only when Nanaiko Ito’s motorcade arrived at Buckingham Palace that Richard Chan got the news.

When he found out that she had arrived, he immediately called Ye Chen and reported the news to him.

When Ye Chen heard that Nana-chan had arrived, his first reaction was naturally surprise.

Su Ruoli, on the other hand, had been in the Sky Garden at Buckingham Palace since yesterday, preparing for her parents’ wedding. She knew that it had not been easy for her mother over the years, so she wanted to do her best to create an unforgettable wedding for her.

Because the Sky Garden at Buckingham Palace is not normally open to the public, this time it was deliberately taken out for Su Shoudao He Yingxiu’s wedding, so Su Ruo Li also had plenty of time to do the site preparation in advance, unlike many popular hotel banquet halls, which only allow the set-up to start the night before the wedding, making it particularly rushed.

At this moment, she was meeting with the project manager of the wedding company to discuss the scenery plan, when she suddenly saw Nanaiko Ito walk in with a group of maids, she was surprised and greeted her, saying: “Miss Ito, why are you here so early? I thought you would not arrive until tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.”

Nanaeko Ito laughed, “The wedding is on the eighth, so I can’t be too late.”

She said, “I’ve brought a lot of flowers with me, the staff will bring them up later, and we’ll match them up for you to see which feeling you like better.”

Su Ruoli subconsciously asked, “I’m afraid the flowers won’t last for three days if we put them up now, right?”

I have already arranged for the flowers for the wedding, they will be carefully selected and cut in the morning of the 7th, and will be flown from Japan to Jinling in the afternoon. The flowers will be in full bloom by the time the wedding takes place on the 8th.

Su Ruoli said with a surprised look on her face, “This …… is too costly to prepare two batches of flowers like this and have them all flown in, isn’t it?”

Ito Nanaeko patted her hand and smiled slightly, “This cost is not enough for the Ito family, and Miss Su should not be too concerned, our goal is to enable Uncle and Auntie to have a perfect wedding, what’s a little flower.”

Su Ruoli was touched in her heart and said very reverently, “Miss Ito, thank you so much ……”

Nanae Ito shook her head and smiled, “After what happened to my parents, we are now friends, so why are you so polite with me.”

Su Ruoli nodded gently, she understood the meaning of Ito Nanaiko’s words, her mother, as well as Ito Nanaiko’s father, had both been disabled with amputated limbs, some time ago they had received Ye Chen’s Breakthrough Dan in the United States at the same time, and it was that experience that made the two become familiar with each other quickly.