Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5310

As the heat of the video continued to grow and Qian Hongyan was officially sentenced to detention, the Jinling police released the results of their handling of the matter to the community.

At first, when netizens heard that Qian Hongyan had only been sentenced to ten days of administrative detention, they were displeased with the outcome of the punishment.

However, the police then showed the public the medical certificates of Qian Hongyan’s husband and son, who had indeed been paralysed in bed for several months and had not received active and effective treatment due to lack of money.

However, when netizens first saw this article, many were skeptical because in Ma Lan’s subsequent expose, it was stated that the family actually lived in the famous Tomson Villa, which costs over 100 million dollars per unit, so people were questioning how Qian Hongyan could not give treatment to her father and son since she could live in Tomson Villa, even if her husband and son were really paralyzed.

The police also followed up by disclosing to the community the ownership of the villa where Qian Hongyan’s family lived, proving that the villa was not owned by Qian Hongyan and Xiao’s family, but by Jiangnan tycoon Wu Donghai.

Wu Donghai is a nationally renowned entrepreneur, and his son Wu Qi was even more famous nationwide some time ago, so when people learned that the villa was owned by Wu Donghai and that he had lent the villa to the family, they no longer questioned it in vain.

The people who knew the truth accepted the decision of the Jinling police to detain Qian Hongyan for ten days, and the Jinling police also joined hands with the video platform to permanently block Qian Hongyan’s short video account from broadcasting live forever, which made everyone applaud.

After all, it had only been two to three hours since the video was released, and the fact that the Jinling police had completed the process in such a short period of time was indeed very quick.

And the short video platform officials didn’t stay idle either.

They also quickly released the platform’s decision on punishment.

This included a full refund of the consumer’s purchase money, as well as officially launching a prosecution against Qian Hongyan, demanding that she return all of her live streaming earnings.

But since Qian Hongyan had already squandered a lot of the money she earned, it was definitely impossible for her to make up the hole. By then, Qian Hongyan would likely be listed as a defaulted executor by the court for not being able to fully refund her income, and at that time, Qian Hongyan would either have to find a way to make money to make up for these holes, or she would have to keep living a hard life as an old scoundrel.

Xiao Churan saw these reports and sighed helplessly at Ye Chen: “My mother this time again offended the eldest aunt …… you say are relatives, live so close, we do not see each other, how awkward in the future …… ”

Ye Chen smiled and spoke, “This is not something we need to consider, besides, with mum’s character, if we don’t expose her, it is estimated that mum herself will be angry a good deal out.”

Xiao Churan nodded gently, she knew her mother’s character, if her eldest aunt’s live-streaming with goods became better and better, her mother’s mentality would definitely become more and more unbalanced.

At this time, Ma Lan, after seeing these punishment resolutions on her mobile phone, her whole heart was wildly happy and her hands were dancing with excitement.

She excitedly hugged her phone and shouted, “Hahahaha, Qian Hongyan, you have your day too! Didn’t you drive a big G? Didn’t you buy a Cullinan? Didn’t you buy a villa? I’ll see how you’ll pay off these debts when you get out!” You’re not the only one who is interested!