Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5296

When Zhang Guifen returned to her room and met up with her two sisters, she saw their faces full of righteous anger and indignation.

She hurriedly asked, “Have you recorded everything? Don’t give me a break at this time!”

Dong Yuling said in exasperation, “Sister Gui Fen, Xiao’s family is so damned bad, you probably can’t hear them outside the balcony, Qian Hongyan and that dead old woman are cursing us like stinking shit!”

“Yeah!” Li Yueqin was also very angry, “The key is that Qian Hongyan is also too bad, not to mention scolding the three of us, even those who spend money on them in the live stream are scolded by her as big ingrates, how bad does this stinking bitch have to be?”

Dong Yuling also spoke up and agreed, “This shameless, Qian Hongyan is now working on other scams, she has her husband and her son pretending to have some kind of advanced pancreatic cancer and one pretending to have uremia, she even arranged a script for that dead old woman to slowly cry her eyes out, this is simply a beast! ”

Hearing this, Zhang Guifen said with irritation, “Play me the audio you recorded!”

Dong Yuling immediately handed her own mobile phone to her, and Zhang Guifen pressed the play button, so she listened to the conversation Qian Hongyan’s family had just had in the room, from beginning to end.

It was Ma Lan’s idea for them to plug the headset microphone into the door, so the recording came out very clearly.

Zhang Guifen listened to the entire conversation word for word, and she was so angry that she wanted to rush downstairs, kick the door open, and drag the Xiao family out and beat them up.

However, she quickly realized that the most important thing now was not to beat these people up, but to send the footage to Ma Lan, so that she could find a way to expose Qian Hongyan’s family on the Internet.

So she hurriedly sent the video she had shot, as well as the audio recorded by Dong Yuling and the others, to the group that Ma Lan had pulled.

At this moment, Ma Lan was lying in bed, tossing and turning, waiting.

She had switched to a new short video account and had been watching Qian Hongyan live in her live streaming room.

When she saw that the live broadcast was over, she began to hope that Zhang Guifen and the others would be able to capture the real faces of Qian Hongyan’s family behind the scenes and send over the evidence.

Just as she was getting anxious, the video and audio files were sent to the group.

Ma Lan sat up from the bed with a jolt, and then immediately clicked on the audio and started listening to the conversation.

It didn’t matter what she heard, she was both angry and happy.

She even analyzed the data, so she really had two brilliance.

The happy thing is, with these recorded conversations, how can Qian Hongyan’s family not fall?

Thinking of this, she immediately downloaded both the video and the audio to her phone, and then opened the software for video editing.

If we were to go back five or six years, how could an old lady as old as Ma Lan learn such techniques as video editing.

But thanks to the rapid development and growth of short-video platforms in the past few years, the threshold of entry to short-video has been lowered to the extreme, and many entrepreneurs have developed many fool-proof operating software for short-video platforms, making such a professional skill as video editing simple and easy for even the elderly and children to play with.

Ma Lan used to edit some small selfie videos, so she was very familiar with the operation of this software.

She skilfully opened the software, added the video in, then eliminated the original sound of the video and pulled the audio in again.

The only thing left to do was to synchronise the audio and video timestamps, which was a little tricky.