Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5294

  ”Not normal!” Qian Hongyan said in a very determined tone, “It’s all working days, the data won’t fluctuate too much, moreover, if we want to make more money, we must ensure that the data is steadily rising all the time, once the data starts going downhill, that’s definitely a very dangerous sign, if it drops two or three percentage points every day, it won’t take long for us to be knocked back down, so we must have to think of a way to get our numbers back up and keep surging higher.”

Xiao Changqian asked, “Honey, do you have any good ideas?”

Qian Hongyan said in a cold voice, “I’ve been thinking for the past two days that those ingrates in the live broadcast room might have gotten a little tired of watching you two paralyzed in bed, so I’m going to, starting tomorrow, change the script a little.”

Xiao Changqian asked, “Honey, what script are you going to change?”

Qian Hongyan said lightly, “I’ve looked up on the internet, and it seems that pancreatic cancer has the highest mortality rate nowadays. I’ll stop broadcasting for a day or two and then fake a medical record of your pancreatic cancer diagnosis so that you can look even more miserable.”

Xiao Changqian shivered in fear and said offhandedly, “Honey …… you’re asking me to pretend I have pancreatic cancer, isn’t that a little too unlucky ……”

The key is that I still have to diet and lose weight, my body is already recovering, if you don’t let me eat enough, when will I recover…” …”

Qian Hongyan frowned in disgust and asked, “You think it’s your turn to comment on this matter? I’m just informing you!”

After saying that, she looked at Old Mrs. Xiao and said in a cold voice, “From tomorrow onwards, cut his meals in half!”

“Okay, okay …… Hong Yan, don’t worry, I will do as I am told!” Old Mrs. Xiao could only nod her head and agree at this point.

Xiao Changqian’s face was ashen, he knew very well in his heart that he was still recovering and had no way to eat on his own, he had to rely on his elderly mother to feed him one spoonful at a time, if his old mother here stuck his meals directly from the source, there was nothing he could do.

He had no choice but to sigh and say, “Okay, Hongyan, I’ll do as you say!”

Qian Hongyan gave a hmph and turned to look at Xiao Hailong and spoke, “The most popular saying on the internet nowadays is that twine is cut at thin places and bad luck only finds bitter people, it’s not enough for your father to pretend to have pancreatic cancer, it’s better if you also have some more serious disease, I see that there are quite a lot of young people with uremia nowadays, so you should start looking for uremic patients gradually from tomorrow it.”

“Uremia ah ……” Xiao Hailong said with a bewildered face, “but I don’t know what uremic patients feel either …… ”

Qian Hongyan faintly said, “Search on short video websites, there must be many related videos, make sure to imitate them well, the more similar the imitation the better!”

Xiao Hailong was busy asking, “Then does UTI also have to control the diet?”

Qian Hongyan said with contempt, “No common sense at all, the typical symptom of uremia is edema, the whole person will be swollen, from tomorrow onwards, you drink more water every day, but be careful, you can’t increase the speed of drinking water too fast at once, it’s best to come little by little, gradually show edema posture, you and your father should play a good time match, first he is losing weight day by day, found pancreatic cancer, and so on. The first thing you need to do is to start showing obvious edema and then diagnose uremia, so that there is no one else in the whole short video platform that looks worse than us! At that time, why worry about not making enough money?”