Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5293

Before she found the path of live streaming, Qian Hongyan had been rejected by her family in the Xiao family.

Especially after she had just returned from the black coal kiln and was found to be pregnant and had contracted a sexually transmitted disease, Old Mrs. Xiao and Xiao Changqian did not give her a second of good looks.

At that time, even her son, Xiao Hailong, felt that this mother was a bit of a disgrace and never gave her a good look every day.

During Qian Hongyan’s most difficult time, the only person in the family who could give her a sense of warmth was her daughter, Xiao Weiwei.

Since she suffered a setback and was saved by Ye Chen, Xiao Weiwei’s character has changed a lot. Because of her ordeal, she has become much more stable, down-to-earth and kind.

She knew what had happened to her mother, and although it was embarrassing to talk about it, she was forced to do so in that situation.

People outside the family could laugh at her and mock her, but only the people in the family were not qualified to do so.

After all, although she was to blame for what happened to her, it was for the sake of the family.

When she thought about what had happened to Wang Yunfei and Xiao Yiqian during this period of time, she could empathise with her mother even more.

Therefore, after Qian Hongyan had become steeply rich during this period of time by live-streaming her goods, she had been in this family except for giving good looks to Xiao Weiwei, while others were either hitting or scolding her every day to get back at the harm these people had done to her at the beginning.

Even Xiao Weiwei has now become a relatively well-paid white-collar worker, but she is still far from the level of an overnight millionaire.

At the moment, only Qian Hongyan has the strength to do so in the entire Xiao family.

On average, Qian Hongyan now earns two to three million a week from live streaming, so if you do the math, earning a small goal in a year’s time is not a problem at all.

Knowing that when the Xiao family was at its strongest, its real assets were only a few tens of millions.

The current Qian Hongyan was able to catch up to the peak of the entire Xiao family in just one year.

Therefore, even though these people were scolded and humiliated by Qian Hongyan, none of them dared to say a word of disagreement.

Immediately after, Qian Hongyan stood up, took out two bottles of high-grade bird’s nest from the cabinet opposite the bed, and after drinking them all in one gulp, she glanced at Old Mrs. Xiao who was swallowing at the side and said in a cold voice, “Damn old woman, don’t give me any bad thoughts here, my top-grade blood swallow bird’s nest is more than a thousand in one bottle, this is all counted, if you dare to steal one, I won’t give you any food for a day! ”

Old Mrs. Xiao quickly waved her hand and said, “No, no …… Hong Yan …… mother how can I steal a drink from you …… Besides, that bird’s nest is so expensive, I am not worthy to drink it. old woman is not worthy of drinking ……”

Qian Hongyan snorted coldly and ignored her, but Looking at Xiao Changqian, he said, “I want to tell you something. I looked at the more detailed data of the live broadcast room. Our current normal number of viewers, as well as the highest number of online people in the live broadcast room, the number of transactions and the turnover, compared with Yesterday, it started to show a downward trend. Although the decline is not much, only two or three percentage points,This is still a very serious trend, once it starts to go downhill, then I’m afraid it will be very difficult to go up again!”

Xiao Hailong was busy asking, “Mom, fluctuations of two or three percentage points should be normal, right?”