Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5290

  Ma Lan said without thinking, “That’s great, I’ll start a group right away and add all four of us to it, so that we can communicate with each other in the future if anything happens.”

Soon, with the creation of a WeChat group called “Destroy Qian Hongyan, eliminate the evil for the society”, the four of them immediately started to split up.

Ma Lan went home on crutches, while Zhang Guifen immediately headed for the villa where she lived.

When they arrived at the downstairs of the villa, Zhang Guifen looked up at the rooms on the first floor and whispered to the other two, “They have really closed the windows and doors. You go to the door of their room, plug in the headphones of your mobile phones, stick that microphone under the doorway and record their voices inside, send all this to Ma Lan later, she said she will use her mobile phone to mash the picture and sound together.”

“Okay Sister Gui Fen!”

The two agreed in unison and then rushed into action.

At this moment, in the bedroom on the first floor, Qian Hongyan was still broadcasting live.

She had prepared ten products for tonight, and had now reached the last one.

As today is not a weekend, the traffic is not too heavy, so Qian Hongyan also plans to go off air early to rest, don’t look at her daily live broadcast only two or three hours, but these two or three hours almost all have to talk non-stop, nerves and attention must be tense all the time don’t make a mistake, don’t reveal a flaw, so a live broadcast down, people are still very tired, so she also hope to hurry to finish speaking to hurry off air to rest.

At this moment, she did not know that Zhang Guifen, who was physically fit, had climbed down from the third floor terrace to the terrace of her room on the first floor. Fun Corner

Although the curtains of the bedroom on the first floor were drawn tightly, the sliding door’s screen curtain revealed an inverted v-shaped vacancy off the middle.

For a mobile phone camera, as long as it was close enough, even if it was only a finger-thick hole, it would be enough to capture the full picture inside.

A few minutes later, Qian Hongyan finally finished broadcasting the last product, and once the live-streaming families had snapped up all the stock, she said with a pious face, “Thank you to all the families for supporting Yanzi this evening, Yanzi is able to support her paralysed husband and son, as well as her 80-year-old mother-in-law, thanks to the help of her family members. Thank you for your help!”

Xiao Changqian, who was paralysed in bed, also said in a vague voice: “Thank you …… thank you all ……”

Xiao Hailong choked on the other bed and said, “Thank you all for your help, when I recover, I will definitely bow and kowtow to you all in the live room!”

Old Mrs. Xiao, who was dressed in rags, also came to the camera trembling at this time, and bowed her hands non-stop, “The old lady is here to thank everyone …… Thank you!”

When everyone had finished saying thanks, Qian Hongyan reluctantly said goodbye to her family once again, and then closed the live broadcast room.

The moment the live broadcast room closed, she immediately reached out and pulled off the wig she was wearing on her head, revealing a head of very elaborate chestnut curly hair, and complained discontentedly, “Damn, this shitty head covering is too damn hot!”

Xiao Hailong said, “Mom, why do you think you have to perm your hair?

Qian Hongyan angrily rebuked, “What the hell do you know! Your mother and I are at least worth tens of millions of dollars now. You can’t just let me drive around in a Mercedes G and look like a hired gun, can you? Besides, now that the live stream is becoming more and more popular and has more and more viewers, I must find a way to change my makeup when I go out, the more different I look from the live stream, otherwise what if the live stream viewers find out outside?”