Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5287

“Qian Hongyan?!”

When Zhang Guifen heard this, her eyebrows immediately wrinkled like Zhang Fei, and she asked in a stern voice: “Just that broken shoe of hers, how can she still turn over? Does she sleep with others by selling her sex?”

Ma Lan sneered, “Sell her sex? Just her? She’s the kind of girl that sells her sex for a couple of doughnuts at most!”

After saying that, Ma Lan took a look around and upstairs and said, “Guifen, this is not the place to talk, let’s go over there and talk, don’t let Xiao’s family hear us upstairs!”

Zhang Guifen immediately gave a wink to her two best sisters, and Dong Yuling, understanding, immediately went forward and helped Ma Lan with her, quickly walking to the far side of the fence.

Seeing that there was no need to worry about being overheard by Xiao’s family, Ma Lan stopped them and said, “Three, three, let’s talk here!”

Hearing Ma Lan’s words, Zhang Guifen stopped in her tracks first, and the other two also stopped immediately.

Then Zhang Guifen asked Ma Lan, “Ma Lan, tell me, how did Qian Hongyan’s broken shoe turn over?”

Ma Lan said with righteous indignation, “That shameless bitch is a fucking thief! She’s now doing live-streaming on a short video platform! Tens of thousands of viewers follow her every day, buying whatever she pushes, and the money goes into Qian Hongyan’s pockets! She makes tens of millions of dollars a year!”

“What?!” Zhang Guifen cursed angrily, “How can that misogynistic cunt make tens of millions a year? Is God blind or is he in trouble?”

Ma Lan, with a look like I know you best, slapped his leg and said, “Guifen! I’m not going to lie, we’re both really thinking the same thing! You think that bitch Qian Hongyan, who is fifty years old, can still get pregnant with a wild man and infect her husband with sexually transmitted diseases, she’s the kind of person who should be struck dead by lightning in summer. Don’t you think so?”

Without thinking, Zhang Guifen said, “That’s right! There are two kinds of people I hate the most in my life: bastards who are not filial to their parents, and bitches who don’t behave like women!”

As she said that, Zhang Guifen asked her, “You haven’t said how she Qian Hongyan got rich?”

Ma Lan looked like she was getting close and asked her, “Guifen, do you usually watch live streaming? It’s the kind of live streaming that sells goods online!”

Zhang Guifen shook her head and said self-deprecatingly, “We work at the owner’s house all day long and rarely touch our mobile phones, so we don’t have time to watch live streaming, and besides, even if we did, we don’t have money to buy it.”

Ma Lan said, “Guifen, give me your phone, I’ll find Qian Hongyan’s live broadcast for you, make sure you’ll be even more angry after watching it!”

Zhang Guifen took out a few hundred yuan Android phone from her pocket, unlocked it and handed it to Ma Lan.

Ma Lan immediately opened the short video software and searched for Qian Hongyan’s live streaming room.

At this moment, Qian Hongyan was sitting on the bed, feeding Xiao Changqian while saying with a sniffle and a tear, “Family members, Yanzi is not going to hide it from you, since my husband was paralyzed, he has not been able to eat anything nutritious, he is starving in bed, his skin and bones look heartbreaking… …”