Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5266

  Lin Wan’er shook her head and said, “Your thinking is wrong, it’s not how Ye Chen would help Isu Shipping, it’s whether Isu Shipping is working for Ye Chen.”

Qiu Yingshan and Sun Zhidong, neither could understand the significance of Ye Chen’s mastery of aura.

But Lin Wan’er understood profoundly that with Ye Chen’s strength, with Ye Chen’s courage to go against the Broken Clear Society, there could never be any company in this world that could make him work.

So, having firmly established this view, and then analysing why Ye Chen would meet Liu Jiahui in his capacity as an executive of Isu Shipping, then the conclusion she could draw was that Isu Shipping most probably had a deeper connection with Ye Chen.

Qiu Yingshan, who knows the current situation of the shipping market very well because most of his industries are in Singapore and Malaysia, said: “By the way, Miss, the origin of this Isu Shipping is really not simple, I don’t know why, but they have a very close relationship with Wanlong Temple, and now Wanlong Temple has set up an armed escort company, which almost monopolizes the entire Gulf of Aden. With the protection of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, the ships of the Isu Shipping Line are like no one’s business in the entire Gulf of Aden, and no pirates dare to touch them!”

“Ten Thousand Dragons Temple?!” Lin Wan’er frowned and muttered, “This is a famous mercenary organisation that used to only work with governments and local warlords, how could it be deeply bound to a company?”

Sun Zhidong suddenly frowned and muttered, “This man is also getting old, his brain is indeed not enough, I just remembered that there is a very important matter that is related to the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple.”

Lin Wan’er raised her head and said eagerly, “Tell me quickly!”

Sun Zhidong said, “The Su family has a deep relationship with the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, the father of Ten Thousand Dragons Hall’s master, Wan Breaking Jun, was once under the Su family’s youngest master, Su Shoudao, and the Su family has always wanted to bring down the Ye family completely, some time ago they and Wan Breaking Jun joined forces to kill the Ye family’s ancestral tomb, Ye Ling Mountain, to level the Ye family’s ancestral tomb, and the Ye family, in order to save their lives, ceded half of their family property to the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, which barely escaped a disaster ……”

“How is that possible!” Lin Wan’er said almost without thinking, “With Ye Chen around, how could the Ye family have lost?”

Sun Zhidong subconsciously said, “But the Ye family did lose …… This matter is almost unknown and unnoticed throughout the country ……”

Lin Wan’er shook her head and said, “Impossible, as long as Ye Chen was on Mount Ye Ling that day, the Ye family would never have lost.”

Sun Zhidong then said, “Then perhaps Ye Chen was indeed not there that day ……”

“It’s also not possible.” Lin Wan’er added, “As you said, since Ye Ling Mountain is the Ye family’s ancestral tomb, Ye Chen’s parents must be buried there, and since Ye Chen even dared to strike at the Broken Qing Society in order to avenge his parents, how could he not go when the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall wanted to raze his parents’ tomb?”

“This ……” Sun Zhidong fell into deep thought all of a sudden.

He was also a little confused by this series of inferences that had been wrapped around him.

Lin Wan’er muttered at this point, “The Su family has a connection with the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, and the Su family has a joint venture with the Ito family to engage in the Isuzu Shipping Line, none of this seems to be a problem, but the question is, if the Su family and the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple want to raze the Ye family’s ancestral tomb, why would Ye Chen still go to see Liu Jiahui on Hong Kong Island in his capacity as an executive of the Isuzu Shipping Line!”

“It’s like the three Axis powers during World War II, it’s fine how they allied and cooperated with each other, but how could the United States suddenly shake hands and make peace with them when they were originally fighting them to death? So, I want to know, what defused the hatred between Ye Chen and the Su family and the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall?”

Sun Zhidong and Qiu Yingshan also looked at each other somewhat blankly.

The relationship between the Su Family, the Ye Family, the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, the Ito Family, and Ye Chen, seemed to be so intricate and complicated that it was difficult to discern the truth.

At this moment, Lin Wan’er added: “Hatred does not disappear without a reason, hatred must disappear because one side has conquered the other, just like the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan in 1945, but Japan ended up becoming the most solid ally of the United States in Asia, once conquered, there will be no more hatred.”

Speaking of this, Lin Wan’er said with a definite gaze; “And the Su Family and the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall could never have conquered Ye Chen, the only possibility is that Ye Chen conquered the Su Family and the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall!”