Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5147

Lin Wan’er shook her head, “For the time being, it’s better not to, Ye Chen’s situation is special and now he is in conflict with the Broken Clear Society, if the people of the Ye family know and go looking for it with great fanfare, they might get into trouble, and you don’t want to see the Ye family being targeted by the Broken Clear Society, do you?”

“That’s true ……,” the old man sighed lightly with some despondency and spoke, “Don’t worry Miss, I will keep my mouth shut!”

Lin Wan’er nodded slightly and added, “Ye Chen disappeared in Jinling, in that case, there are two possibilities: one, he was given a new identity right after he disappeared, and his identity was made to hide in the second way you just mentioned; the other, he was taken overseas directly after he disappeared, and has been living in anonymity overseas. ”

The old man said, “If it is the first possibility, then you may still be able to find him at home, but if it is the second, I am afraid it will be very difficult to find him at home.”

“It’s not in the way.” Lin Wan’er said with a smile, “Knowing his true identity, I’m already halfway there!”

After saying that, Lin Wan’er added, “I’m going to look for him at home first, and if I really can’t find him, then I’ll go overseas.”

The old man asked, “Miss, where are you going to look for him?”

Lin Wan’er smiled, “Naturally, I will go to Jinling, that is where he disappeared twenty years ago, all clues must start from there!”

The old man subconsciously said, “Miss, the Ye family and the An family also started their search from Jinling back then, and after turning Jinling upside down, they searched the world for many years, but never found him.

Lin Wan’er said seriously, “Since the Ye family and the An family have searched all over the world, starting with Jinling, but have not found it, then in my opinion, it is precisely Jinling that has the greatest possibility.”

The old man asked her, “Miss, do you want to do a fortune telling and see if you can figure out his trail?”

“I can’t.” Lin Wan’er shook her head and said, “I’ve tried, but the trigrams show that it is difficult to tell his whereabouts, but there is a hint of a dragon entering the sea in the trigrams. If a person has already attained the Dragon Gram, I can’t calculate it in any case.”

The old man asked curiously, “Is there anything you can’t calculate? Now that we have the information about his identity as a child, do you want to use his birth date and eight characters to calculate it again?”

Lin Wan’er shook her head, “I can’t even calculate his clues with my near-god trigrams, and my birthdate is even less likely.”

The old man sighed, “Then as you said, go to Jinling and try!”

After saying that, the old man asked her, “Miss, why don’t I accompany you to Jinling?”

Lin Wan’er did not say no, but only looked at him and spoke, “I see that your qi and blood are weak, your health does not seem to be good?”

“Yes.” The old man let out a bitter smile and said, “I am already eighty-eight this year, I have diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, I have had heart attacks, stents and bypa*ses, and a few years ago I had lung cancer, had my left lung cut out, and had chemotherapy, my body is obviously not doing too well anymore, the doctor said the other day that I have started to have kidney failure, and I should have to start blood dialysis after a while, but in my condition, I shouldn’t I’ll be happy to live for another two years.”