Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5145

“Good!” The old man was also a little excited and immediately opened a backend on his laptop and entered Ye Chen’s name as well as his original ID number in it.

The two then checked the results with great anticipation, only to find that the information given out within the system was still the same file of Ye Chen that had disappeared at the age of eight.

Lin Wan’er frowned: “Why can’t we find out? Did someone give him a new identity?”

After saying that, she couldn’t help but ask herself, “The odds are that should be the case!”

Lin Wan’er’s guess was correct, after Tang Sihai had placed Ye Chen into the orphanage in the first place, he had made a new identity for Ye Chen, and although the new identity was still called Ye Chen, it was no longer the same Ye Chen from the Ye family in Yanjing, but the fatherless and motherless Ye Chen who had been adopted by the Jinling orphanage.

His account was landed on the collective account of the Jinling orphanage, as is the case with all children adopted by the orphanage.

So, naturally, he also had a new ID number, one that belonged in Jinling.

In this way, neither the Ye family nor the An family could find him anymore, and the only one who could find him was Tang Sihai.

In this matter, the old man spoke, “If someone has changed his identity, then this previous set of information will definitely not be able to find out, we must know the name and ID number of his new identity in order to find out.”

Lin Wan’er frowned and said, “If someone helped him settle down in a foreign country and get a foreign account and foreign identity information, then the identity he was actually encrypted with would not be the identity he had before he disappeared, but a new identity after he disappeared.”

Speaking of this, Lin Wan’er added, “I see …… twenty years ago, after Ye Chen disappeared, someone hid his whereabouts, got him a new identity, and hid the file information of his new identity, so the previous Ye Chen disappeared when he was eight years old, a new ‘Ye Chen’, or a ‘Ye Chen’ with a different name, appeared in a new place, so that no one else could find him except the one who encrypted his information in the first place.”

The old man hesitated for a moment, but still spoke, “Miss, it is not 100% certain yet that the Ye Chen you are looking for is this Ye Chen! What if this missing Ye Chen only bears a pa*sing resemblance to the one you are looking for, then wouldn’t you be misled by such speculation? After all, a child’s features haven’t grown yet, and it’s normal to have a slight resemblance to someone, but it’s likely that after puberty, they’ll develop in a very different direction.”

Lin Wan’er nodded and said seriously, “You have a point, although my intuition tells me that the Ye Chen I’m looking for should be this Ye Chen who disappeared twenty years ago! But in such matters, you can’t trust your intuition too much, and just relying on a few resemblances in childhood photos alone to confirm it is indeed a bit hasty.”

As she thought of this, her eyes blinked, she remembered something and said with a smile, “By the way, can you help me pull up the file information of Ye Changyang and An Chengqing?”

The old man said, “Ye Changyang can, but not An Chengqing, because An Chengqing is an American citizen, so we can only find some official records of her and Ye Changyang after they got married and stayed in China.”

“That’s fine.” Lin Wan’er said, “I just need a photo of the two of them.”

“That’s no problem.” The old man hurriedly retrieved Ye Chang Ying and An Cheng Qing’s information from the system.

When Lin Wan’er saw the handsome black and white ID photo of Ye Chang Ying in his file, her tightly knitted brows instantly relaxed!

She couldn’t help but clap her hands in excitement and laugh, “Haha, my intuition was right! It’s really him! The Ye Chen I’m looking for looks almost exactly the same as this Ye Chang Ying!”