Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5143

Hearing Lin Wan’er’s question, the old man pursed his lips and sighed, “Miss, there is actually a very troublesome underlying logic behind this matter.”

Lin Wan’er said, “You tell me.”

The old man said, “Whether it’s the first one or the second one, the number of people who have been hidden is actually not small, some special talents, military industrial experts, intelligence personnel, and secret service personnel, their identities are all encrypted, adding up to several thousand tens of thousands of people across the country.”

Speaking of this, the old man turned his words and added, “But the trouble is that, although these two kinds of people who are hidden have a database, the vast majority of people who have access to this database do not have the highest authority of this database.”

“That is to say, if I used these two methods to hide the information of two people back then, then even if I had access to this database, I would only be able to access the information of these two people of mine, the information of others, I would not have the right to access, not only would I not have the right to access, I would not even know how many people are in here;”

“On the other hand, even if you also have access to this database, you can’t find out who I have hidden in this database, we are both insulated from each other;”

“Moreover, there are multiple branches within it, each with different levels and permissions, for example, the intelligence department, its top chief, has the right to access all the information hidden by the intelligence department, but not the other departments.”

Lin Wan’er thought for a moment and asked, “Someone must have access to the entire database, right?”

The old man smiled awkwardly, “Miss, there are very, very few people who have the permission, I can count them on one hand, and these people, there is absolutely no way they would leak the information to anyone who doesn’t have the permission, so this path is currently out of my reach.”

“I understand.” Lin Wan’er nodded, knowing that starting with the database access permission was already an impossible task.

So, after pondering for a long time, she suddenly remembered something and opened her mouth to ask, “By the way, if a person’s identity information wasn’t hidden from birth, can one still find out the information before he was hidden?”

The old man replied, “If it’s the first kind where all the information is hidden, making it seem like the person has never existed in this world, then all the information about his birth will also be erased;”

“If it is the second kind, it depends on how the person who hides his information operates; some people may also erase all of it for certain purposes; but some people, if they want to create the illusion that the person’s whereabouts are unknown, will not erase the previous information because it will still have to be made public and respond to enquiries from people who have an interest in it.”

“For example, if a person graduates from university at the age of 22 and for some reason it is necessary for him to evaporate, then the information in his file before the age of 22 will not be erased, only a missing person, or dead label will be added to his file, and this information will not be encrypted, so that even a normal police officer with the lowest authority can easily look up, within the population system information from his file before he disappeared.”

Lin Wan’er’s eyes lit up and she asked offhandedly, “Does the information you just gave me include the missing and dead Ye Chen?”

The old man replied, “It contains the missing ones, but not the ones that have been confirmed dead.”

It suddenly occurred to Lin Wan’er that she had indeed seen quite a lot of information about small children just now.

Only, when she had seen the pictures of the little children, she had skimmed right over them, not looking closely at the specific information of these little children.