Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5142

The other kind of information is more complicated, that is, this person has a set of real identity information, but this information has been encrypted within the system, which somehow becomes a one-way identity.”

Lin Wan’er pursued the question, “What does one-way mean?”

The old man explained, “One-way means that his ID card, his pa*sport, driving licence and even his hukou book, marriage certificate and other identity documents are all real, and his ID number is also real, but anyone within the system who wants to vaguely inquire about his information will not be able to do so, for example, if I want to look up who is called Ye Chen in the whole country, then in the results returned by the system, there will be no I want to check the information of all the people named Ye in the country, the results that come out will not have him, even if we pull out the information of hundreds of millions of males in the country, there will not be him in this;”

“If you want to look up his information, there are two conditions, the first is that you must know his name, and his exact ID number, and only when both of these information are completely correct can you find out his information;”

“In this way, it basically eliminates the need for others to cast a wide net, because like you, you really need to use this system to find someone in a sea of people, you can’t know his ID card number, if you all know his ID card number, it is the same as you already have his real information, so you don’t need to use this system to cast a wide net. ”

Lin Wan’er sighed, “In that case, this encryption method is still very clever, people who don’t know him too well can’t find him in the system, and those who know him are unlikely to come back to the system to check his information, and even if those who know him come to check, if they enter their names and ID numbers, the results that come out will be true, and they won’t be able to find out anything.”

“Right.” The old man nodded and said, “Some people with very, very special identities will use such methods to hide, so that a person can truly be a great recluse, where everything is true, yet everything is untraceable to those who have ulterior motives for him.”

Saying this, the old man added: “Such a person, using his own identity, would not only not have to worry about being found out by others, but his life would also not be affected in any way.”

“Because apart from what I have just said, one must rely on his name plus ID number to find out his information, all his documents are, in fact, one-way channels of enquiry;”

“For example, if a police officer on the road enquires about his ID card, as long as the police officer reads his ID card with his device, he will be able to check all his information within the system, and in this way, the police will not find anything unusual;”

“If he wants to fly, as long as he used the correct name and ID card when he bought the ticket, he can check in for the flight without any problem with his ID card;”

“If he wants to go abroad, then he will book a ticket with his name and pa*sport number, and when the time comes he will be able to leave the country without any problems with his pa*sport;”

“However, if anyone wants to check him through the plane registration information in turn, it won’t be possible at all; if you want to search to see if anyone named Ye Chen has flown in the country, but you only know his name, then his information won’t show up either.”

Lin Wan’er’s two willow-leaf-like eyebrows were slightly clustered towards the middle, her expression stony and fretful.

After a moment’s hesitation, she asked the old man, “Whether the person I’m looking for is the first or the second, with your position and connections, can you find out this hidden information?”