Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5141

Ten minutes later.

The old man knocked on the door, and only after receiving Lin Wan’er’s permission did he push it open and walk in somewhat sluggishly.

In his hand, he was holding a laptop computer.

He placed the computer in front of Lin Wan’er and said, “Miss, I have found all the information you asked me to look up, there are two thousand one hundred and twenty-eight males surnamed Ye, named Morning of the Morning, and eight hundred and seventy-nine under the age of thirty.”

“The nationwide males surnamed Ye, named Star of the Star, a total of five hundred and forty, and those under the age of thirty, a total of two hundred and thirteen;”

“The males of the nation surnamed Ye, named Dust of Dust, are only twenty in all, and those under thirty years of age, only seven.”

“In addition to that, I used pinyin to pull up all the males under the age of thirty whose surname is Ye and whose first name is pronounced chén, a total of one hundred and seventy-two;”

After saying that, he added, “All the information on these Ye chén is here, please look through it.”

“Good.” Lin Wan’er nodded, her fingers resting on the arrow keys as she quickly browsed through the information related to each and every Ye Chen.

In the past few days, she had long remembered Ye Chen’s appearance clearly by repeatedly watching the surveillance video, so the main way of comparison at the moment was to check whether the information she saw, and the Ye Chen she saw, were the same person through the ID photos.

But strangely enough, after browsing through everyone’s information, he had not found the Ye Chen who had saved him that night.

Lin Wan’er frowned and couldn’t help but ask the old man, “Is all of Ye Chen’s information here?”

“Yes.” The old man nodded, “All that can be found out is here.”

Lin Wan’er couldn’t help but think in her heart, “Could it be that he had lied to me then?”

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but shake her head again, “It shouldn’t be …… He must have been completely sure that he could erase my memory at that time, in that case, there was absolutely no need for him to lie, right? Moreover, since he even dared to strike at the Broken Clear Society, there is no way he would not dare to reveal his true name to me under those circumstances ……”

When the old man saw Lin Wan’er frowning and not saying anything, he couldn’t help but ask, “Miss, is there any problem? If you have any other clues, you can also tell me, one more clue is one more point of certainty.”

Lin Wan’er shook her head somewhat dejectedly and muttered, “There aren’t any other clues, I only know that his name is Ye Chen.”

The old man smacked his lips, “All the ones called Ye Chen, the information is all here, if he is not lying, then could he be an overseas Chinese? Although his name is Ye Chen and he is also Chinese, his nationality is in another country?”

Lin Wan’er spoke up, “He said he was a Chinese, but that doesn’t rule out what you said, after all, many overseas Chinese also have a strong sense of homeland identity and will say they are Chinese to the outside world, but if that’s the case, with over two hundred countries around the world, I’ll just have to find a needle in a haystack …… ”

Speaking of this, Lin Wan’er suddenly raised her head somewhat reluctantly and asked the old man, “Is there a possibility that his identity has been encrypted within the system?”

“Encrypted?” The old man frowned in thought and spoke, “There are indeed cases of encryption, people with special identities have their relevant information encrypted, but in order to ensure that this encrypted information is not found out, the system itself is unable to directly access the encrypted content.”

Lin Wan’er asked him, “What is the general logic of encryption?”

The old man said, “As far as I know, there are two kinds of encryption logic, one is that his identity information is completely erased from the system and the information is stored in another mutually isolated system, the latter will not have any connection with the network, which means that his real information only exists in that latter system, no one from the outside world can find out any clues;”