Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5140

Lin Wan’er nodded and stepped towards the imposing gate.

Only when she entered the gate could she see that the courtyard was incredibly large.

The courtyard, which was neatly paved with green stones, was at least several thousand square feet.

The old man led Lin Wan’er all the way to his study, and then ordered everyone to leave the study for 50 metres, so all the family members and servants withdrew to the backyard.

In the study, the old man respectfully invited Lin Wan’er to sit down on the huanghuali seat before he opened his mouth and asked, “Miss, where are you …… coming from? Why didn’t you inform me in advance so that I could arrange someone to pick you up!”

Lin Wan’er said indifferently, “I had quite a tumultuous journey, starting from Northern Europe, then first taking a boat to Murmansk in Russia, then turning overland from Murmansk, taking cars and trains, tossing and turning to Moscow, then taking a plane from Moscow to Vietnam, and finally taking a land route from Vietnam into China, and then taking a plane from the southwest to Yanjing.”

“All that fuss?” The old man asked in astonishment, “Miss, you suddenly used such a tortuous route to come to China, did you encounter any trouble?”

“Yes.” Lin Wan’er didn’t hide it and said frankly, “Something went terribly wrong in Northern Europe, and I almost died.”

“Huh?!” The old man asked in shock, “Why would that happen?!”

Lin Wan’er laughed bitterly, “One of Old Zhang’s previously trained men somehow got in touch with the Broken Clear Society and exposed my whereabouts. The Broken Clear Society sent people to Northern Europe overnight to hunt us down and killed everyone except Old Zhang and I. Fortunately, with the help of a valuable person, Old Zhang and I were able to escape.”

The old man said with a face full of horror, “The Broken Qing Society has actually found you ……”

“Yes.” Lin Wan’er sighed and said, “I had already kept a low profile, but I didn’t expect that something would go wrong internally, Old Zhang’s men would have been unaware of my identity, but the Broken Clear Society had been using special channels to hunt me down and had offered a huge reward in order to find me, I guess it was Old Zhang’s men who, by some coincidence, happened to get this information and then sold me out. ”

Saying that, Lin Wan’er shrugged again and said, “But this is all my speculation, after all, all those men of Old Zhang have died, and I don’t know which one of them actually betrayed me.”

Hearing this, the old man hurriedly said, “Miss, then you should take shelter here with me for a while, China has been ruled for a long time, it is much safer than outside, besides, although I am now retired behind the scenes, my resources and connections are still there, I can definitely protect you.”

Lin Wan’er smiled faintly and said, “I don’t actually want to come and join you, I just want you to help me look into someone.”

“Check on someone?” The old man hurriedly asked, “Miss, I wonder what kind of person you want to check, what kind of person is it? What information do you have?”

Lin Wan’er said, “I only know that his name is Ye Chen, he is male and should be under thirty years old.”

The old man asked again, “Miss, when you say Ye Chen, which two words are they?”

Lin Wan’er thought for a moment and said, “Ye, I think it’s the word for leaf, but I’m not sure about Chen, it could be the word for morning, or the word for star, or the word for dust.

Saying that, Lin Wan’er asked again, “You should have no problem in transferring the population data, right?”

The old man smiled, “No problem, I can transfer any kind of data.”

“That’s good.” Lin Wan’er let out a slight sigh of relief and nodded, “Then it will be hard for you to arrange for someone to help me sort it out.”

The old man was busy saying, “You are very kind, Miss, it is an honour for our Sun family to be able to work for you.”

After saying that, he added respectfully, “Wait a moment, Miss, I’ll go and arrange it now!”