Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5131

Matthew Peterson had been trying to defend himself, so he had subconsciously dumped the blame on Emily, but to his surprise, he had angered her completely.

He had always thought that Emily was obedient to him because he, a handsome and successful 40-year-old man, had such an extraordinary charm for women that he had made Emily completely subservient to him, and that she would not be displeased if he took her out to cover for him at a critical moment.

However, he had completely overestimated his so-called charm.

For Emily, money was the real source of charm.

If she had enough money, even if she had to face a ninety-year-old man, she would behave like she was addicted to it, unable to extricate herself.

However, if there is no money, even if the other party is as handsome as Tom Cruise, she will still not give him a second glance.

Just now Fei Ke Xin said that she would be banned from the designer industry, which had already cut her off, but to think that Matthew Peterson would still fall on her sword, this instant made her furious.

Matthew Pietersen could see that Emily was losing her mind, so he gave Emily a wink: “Emily, in front of Miss Faye, you’d better not talk nonsense! I advise you to leave here now and go to the company tomorrow to see the Human Resources Director who will give you a certain amount of compensation for your dismissal according to the process.”

Matthew Peterson did not dare to be too blunt. The reason why he winked at Emily and at the same time said that the company would follow the process to give termination compensation was actually to tell Emily that she should take the pot now honestly and that he would not treat her badly tomorrow.

However, Emily’s heart was full of anger at being attacked by Matthew Peterson, and she was even more furious when she heard Matthew Peterson talk about termination compensation, because according to the company’s rules, the compensation for an employee like her, who had been employed for only three or four years, was at most half a year’s salary.

Moreover, although Matthew Peterson had confirmed that she would be promoted to Senior Partner, according to the company’s rules, there was a three-month probationary period for Senior Partners, and only after the probationary period was over and she had successfully pa*sed the debriefing would she officially receive all the benefits of a Senior Partner.

This means that if she is sacked now, the company will only have to pay her six months’ salary at her previous rate, which is only a mere US$200,000 to US$300,000!

Emily was trembling with anger at the thought that Matthew Peterson was going to send her off with US$200,000 to US$300,000, and she looked at Fei Kexin and blurted out, “Miss Fei, the reason why all this has happened today is that this b*****d Matthew Peterson had his eye on Xiao Churan! He was the one who asked me to find a way to introduce Xiao Churan to him, and to find an opportunity to attract Xiao Churan to join the company so that he could get close to the water and get the moon first!”

He couldn’t control himself and immediately raised his hand and slapped Emily across the face, cursing, “Emily, what is your intention in slandering me here? This is the first time I have met Ms. Xiao today, how could I possibly have any ill intentions towards her as you have said? You are clearly slandering!”

Emily covered her face and cursed angrily, holding back the pain, “I’m slandering? You think I don’t have proof?”

With that, she immediately took out her mobile phone, fished out her chat records with Matthew Peterson, found many photos of Xiao Churan and said to Ye Chen and Fei Ke Xin, “Mr. Ye and Miss Fei, look at the time these photos were sent, the earliest one is almost a month ago, I had just met Xiao Churan in the master cla*s at that time, and Matthew Peterson also made a move on Xiao Churan at that time. That’s when Matthew Peterson had his heart set on Xiao Churan!”