Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5126

  And so it was.

Once Matthew Peterson heard Ye Chen say forget it, he immediately came to his senses and said in a serious manner, “This gentleman, Miss Fei is here now, if Miss Fei is really your client, you can’t not go and say hello to her, right? And Miss Fei is also one of my bosses, so it’s only human for me to go and say hello to her, so it’s not much of an intrusion, so why don’t we both go over together.”

Ye Chen waved his hand, “Better forget it, if you want to say hello you can do it yourself, I won’t go.”

Ye Chen’s performance reinforced Matthew Peterson’s belief that Ye Chen was wooing, so he grunted and said, “In that case, then I’ll go over and say hello to Miss Fei first.”

After saying that, he looked to Emily at the side and instructed, “Emily, you stay here with Ms. Xiao and her husband.”

Emily immediately understood that her boss was telling her to keep an eye on Ye Chen and not let him run away, so she smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Chairman, I will definitely keep them both company.”

“Good.” Matthew Peterson smiled smugly, then turned around and walked over to meet Fei Kexin.

He quickly stepped in front of Fei Kexin and stretched out his hands in a gesture to shake them, saying respectfully, “Miss Fei! I didn’t expect you to come here! What a surprise!”

Fei Ke Xin originally wanted to see where Ye Chen and Xiao Churan were first, but she didn’t expect a stranger to suddenly rush out, so she asked with some surprise, “Excuse me, who are you? Do we know each other?”

Matthew Pietersen hurriedly said, “Miss Fei, I am Matthew Pietersen, the chairman of Aiyikang, and your company, Changlong Capital, is the largest shareholder of our company, only that you have not yet visited our company to inspect the work.”

Fei Ke Xin first frowned slightly, then remembered something and spoke, “I have seen your company’s name in the financial report of Longlong Capital, it seems that your share price has been moving quite well recently? I remember that Chang Long Capital invested in you and still has a floating profit at the moment.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Matthew Peterson said with a quick and solicitous nod, “Your investment head has a very good eye, they came in when our share price was at its lowest last September and now the share price has gone up by almost 30%!”

Fei Ke Xin nodded gently and said politely, “The probability is that the good rise in the share price is still due to your business doing well, so I hope we can build on it in the future.”

“That’s right, that’s right! We’ll be announcing another series of good news soon, and the share price will definitely go up again then!” Matthew Peterson flattered, then glanced at Ye Chen’s back not far away, then said with a deliberate smile, “Oh yes Miss Fei, a friend just now happened to talk about you being his client, would you like to go over and have a chat with him?”