Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5125

  The woman Emily intends to match Matthew Peterson with this time is her cla*smate in the master cla*s, Xiao Churan.

Xiao Churan is one of a kind in terms of looks, figure and temperament, and Emily was ashamed of herself the first time she saw her.

Emily took advantage of her daily cla*ses to take a number of photos of Xiao Churan and then sent them to Matthew Peterson, who was amazed at the first sight of the photos and planned to take advantage of the completion ceremony to meet Xiao Churan in person and use his status in the design field to win her over step by step.

Although he knew that Xiao Churan was married, Matthew Peterson did not care about it. His intention was to keep Xiao Churan in his company on partner terms first, and as long as this step was achieved, he would have plenty of opportunities to take his time with Xiao Churan.

Due to Ai Yikang’s dominant position in the industry, the status of partner is extremely golden in the entire design circle. Young female designers would dream of such an opportunity, so he was convinced that Xiao Churan would be moved.

However, he never expected that Xiao Churan would not be interested in the terms he offered.

Moreover, not only was Xiao Churan not interested, she was even extraordinarily approving of her feng shui husband, which made Matthew Peterson a little depressed.

He felt that if he wanted to lure Xiao Churan to his company, the first thing he had to do was to make Xiao Churan realise that her husband, was an uncompromising liar.

So, he glanced at Emily who was fanning the flames beside him and said with a smile, “Emily, don’t say that, I see that Ms. Xiao is sincere and would certainly not deliberately lie to you.”

Saying that, he looked at Ye Chen and turned his words around and said with a smile, “Maybe Ms. Xiao is also a victim and doesn’t know it when she’s being cheated.”

Emily heard that her boss did not want to give up on Xiao Churan, so she hurriedly laughed along again, “You’re right, Chairman! I also think that Churan should have been cheated!”

Matthew Peterson looked at Xiao Churan and said with a gentleman’s smile, “Ms. Xiao, the number one shareholder of our company is Wall Street’s Changlong Capital, which, in turn, is a venture capital fund under the Fei family that specialises in investing in the real estate industry. , I should be able to become friends with her, you just said that Miss Fei is your husband’s client, although I have no intention of questioning it, but to make sure that you are not being deceived, Ms. Xiao, I can help you go and ask for confirmation with Miss Fei.”

Hearing this, Ye Chen hummed and laughed, waved his hand and said, “Forget it, Miss Fei is so busy, don’t bother her with such a trivial matter.”

Ye Chen deliberately refused, in fact, he was deliberately showing weakness to Matthew Peterson, he knew this kind of person very well, as long as he made him feel that he was sure to win, he would dare to play any chips, this move, called baiting the enemy deeper.