Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5124

  Xiao Churan’s expression was tinged with a bit of anger as she said, “If you don’t believe me, you can go ask Miss Fei.”

Emily’s face turned ugly as she stared at Xiao Churan and said through clenched teeth, “Xiao Churan, Xiao Churan, I thought you were a simple person by nature, but I didn’t expect you to have such a vicious mind! It’s not too much to say that you are a snake with a scorpion’s heart!”

Xiao Churan frowned and asked, “Emily, what do you mean by that?”

Emily snorted coldly, “Aiyo, aren’t you just trying to trap me? Do you think I’m stupid? If I were to go to Miss Fei and ask her about it, she would definitely think I was abrupt and even resent me, and then you would deny saying what you just said. Then Miss Fei will think badly of me because of my presumptuousness and my career will be over! You still say you are not trying to harm me?”

Xiao Churan’s eyes were red with anger at her, she held back her anger and aggression and said word for word, “Emily, you think others want to harm you only because you are nasty-minded yourself, although I, Xiao Churan, am not capable of much, I never do anything against my conscience, and I never say anything against my conscience!”

“Che ……” Emily disdainfully brushed her mouth, “Xiao Churan, kindly lift you up, want to introduce you to join us Ai Yi Kang, never thought you would be this kind of woman who is inconsistent and double-minded, what a disappointment! ”

After saying that, she looked at Matthew Peterson and said delicately, “Chairman, it’s all my fault for misjudging people, I originally wanted to recommend Xiao Churan to you, but I didn’t expect her to be this kind of person ……”

Matthew Peterson is more or less riding a tiger at this point.

This Emily, originally his adopted lover in the company, because obedient and understanding, and can wait on people.

Most importantly, Emily was able to put herself in her place and knew that she was just a plaything for Matthew Peterson, so she never clung to him, and she was never jealous even when Matthew Peterson was flirting with other women.

Later, when Emily realised that Matthew Peterson was getting bored with her and that he seemed to have a taste for Oriental women, she took on the role of a pimp and helped Matthew Peterson to meet and get his hands on more women.

With this, Emily became the only lover Matthew Peterson could not afford to cut off.

After all, by keeping Emily as a lover, he was planting a seed that would bring him more and more women.

Emily also knows very well that Matthew Peterson still maintains a relationship with himself, long ago, not to plot his body, but to hope that he can always find more women for him, so she is also particularly able to put herself in the right position, not to compete or be jealous, and to serve Matthew Peterson wholeheartedly.