Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5123

“Miss Fay?!” Matthew Pietersen exclaimed, “How did Miss Fay get here?”

Having said that, he hurriedly turned his head to look at the entrance.

It didn’t matter what he saw, he saw the beautiful young Fei Kexin, accompanied by Yuan Zixu, walking in!

In an instant, Matthew Pietersen’s body trembled a little in excitement.

When the others saw Fei Kexin, they were all speechless with amazement, and deep down they were equally surprised and delighted.

No one had expected that the famous Fei Kexin would appear here.

Although this was a hall of top designers, a profession like designer was in itself like a technician who specialized in serving the rich.

Compared to a heavyweight big shot like Fei Kexin, they were more like a group of Michelin restaurant chefs, each of them looking forward to a chance to personally cook a masterpiece meal for a top client like Fei Kexin on a regular basis.

However, with their rank, they were not qualified to serve Fei Kexin personally.

But who would have thought that such a group of chefs would come to such a gathering today, and that a top tycoon like Fei Kexin would also come to the party?

This really made them feel flattered!

And Ye Chen also did not expect that Fei Kexin, who was already the head of the Fei family, would come to Providence in person without even saying hello.

But in Ye Chen’s mind, Fei Kexin had come all the way here just to support his wife, Xiao Churan.

The moment Xiao Churan, who was on the side, saw Fei Kexin enter, she also said to Matthew Peterson and Emily with a bit of gambling and impulsiveness, “Don’t you guys not believe that my husband has shown feng shui to many prominent people? To tell you the truth, this Miss Fei is one of my husband’s clients, so if you don’t believe me, you can go and ask her!”

In normal days, Xiao Churan rarely cared about other people’s comments.

But today, these two people kept mocking Ye Chen, which indeed made her very dissatisfied in her heart.

She used to doubt whether her husband would be cheating when he read feng shui to others.

However, as Ye Chen’s clients became more and more numerous and their social status became higher, she found that not only did Ye Chen not thunderstorm, but he had also accumulated a very good reputation.

This made her heart, gradually accept the setting that Ye Chen was very good at reading feng shui.

So at times like this, she naturally couldn’t stand the fact that the two kept blabbing about her husband.

It just so happened that Fei Ke Xin had come, so she instinctively thought that Fei Ke Xin could completely prove to her husband, so that these two people would know that her husband was not some clumsy liar, but a feng shui master with real talent.

When Emily heard Xiao Churan’s words, she immediately clasped her arms and laughed shamefully, “Churan, do you know what Miss Fei is? The helmsman of the trillion dollar Fei family! A trillion dollars! If she said a word, all the feng shui masters in the world would flock to the entrance of her manor and fight for a chance to see her. If your husband can read feng shui for Miss Fei, then I can even design Miss Fei’s manor!”