Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5120

  Emily said with an arrogant look on her face, “Aecom, you may not know much about this company, it’s the world’s top design group, a listed company with a market capitalisation of over $10 billion! There are only a few dozen people in the world who can be a senior partner in such a company, and I happen to be one of those few dozen, and the youngest of them all!”

“And, as a Senior Partner, you can earn over $5 million a year before taxes, and the top partners can even earn over $100 million a year!”

Speaking here, Emily looked at Ye Chen with a sneer on her face and laughed shamefully, “I just became a senior partner today and my future is bright, so who are you to say that my career is going to suffer a crushing blow? Is it just based on my face? What a joke!”

Ye Chen did not get angry when she disliked him, but said very patiently, “You do have a red face and a great joy today, but the hostility between your eyebrows is too much, which proves that you are not good in nature. This is a typical thin lip and sharp mouth, which proves that you are usually sarcastic and good at causing trouble, which are characteristics that can easily cause trouble.”

Emily laughed coldly, “Yo, you’re a feng shui reader and you’re getting personal? What’s wrong with my big eyes and thin lips? Does that make me prone to trouble? Then why didn’t you say I’m pretty and tall, with a nice figure?”

Ye Chen laughed, “I was just about to say that the end of your eyes are uplifted, the shape of your mouth is down, and the lying silkworms contain moles, which are all standard charming looks, and it’s not too much to say that you were born with charming bones, and the reason why you have great joy is inevitably related to your natural charming bones, to put it bluntly for a day, your looks and body have helped a lot for you to have great luck in your career.”

Emily heard this, suddenly became a little unnatural, stammered and said: “You …… you do not here nonsense ah I tell you, I can get to today, it is all step by step out! Never relied on looks or body.”

The first thing you need to do is to listen to this kind of thing, and if it’s accurate or not, you’ll know it in your heart.”

Emily immediately sneered in exasperation, “And say you’re not a personal attack, believe it or not I can get a lawyer to sue you?”

After saying that, she gave a cold snort and said with contempt, “Besides, what’s the use of your bullsh*t here? I’m lucky and one step ahead today, where’s the extinguishing blow you’re talking about?”

Ye Chen was about to speak when a middle-aged male came up to him and said to Emily with a smile, “Emily, which friend are you chatting with, you are talking so much.”

Emily looked at the middle-aged man and said with a smile, “Chairman, you’ve come over so early!”