Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5114

Ye Chen thought: “Of course she has something to hide from you, you certainly can not imagine, she broke her leg again, right now this Bedford Hills ghost, is in the hospital in New York to recuperate, if you video, will not leak the stuffing?”

However, Ye Chen’s mouth still smiled and comforted: “You ah, do not think too much, Mom this person’s style of action you do not know, we are the general two ordinary people, simply can not figure her out, anyway, tomorrow will return to the country, she certainly will not stay alone in the United States.”

Xiao Churan nodded and asked, “By the way, husband, have you fixed the tickets?”

Ye Chen shook his head and said, “No need to book air tickets, Miss Fei just happens to have a plane to return to China, so she can take us back by the way.”

Xiao Churan was surprised and asked, “Miss Fei? Is it the Fei family’s Miss Fei Kexin Fei?”

“Right.” Ye Chen nodded: “That’s her, their family some time ago is not a son of a b*tch called Fei Hao Yang, the whole thing is quite a big thing, the Fei family anxious, I went to help her change the feng shui, so that the Fei family is considered to survive the crisis, Miss Fei has been very grateful, know that we will soon return to the country, so take the initiative to let us take her plane back. ”

Because there were more people going back together this time, so Ye Chen did not intend to take so many people to take an ordinary civilian airliner.

However, his own Concorde and really some eye-catching, not only bad to explain to Xiao Churan, Ma Lan that love to show off the character is also a big problem, she sat a Gulfstream can not even post ten friends, if you take the Concorde, it is estimated that a day down in the circle of friends screen.

So think about it, Ye Chen plans to let Fei Ke Xin from the Fei family fleet of random arrangements a, they are also close to her, this small matter, Ye Chen is also nothing embarra*sed.

When Xiao Churan heard that Ye Chen was going to take Fei Ke Xin’s plane back, her expression was a bit complicated for a while.

When she first met Fei Ke Xin, Fei Ke Xin was still using her other identity named Zhan Feier.

It was only when Xiao Churan saw Fei Ke Xin on TV that she realized that the person she thought was her “best friend” hadn’t even told herself her true identity.

However, Xiao Churan was not angry, after all, she also knew that Fei Ke Xin’s status was unattainable, and she, as a small entrepreneur from an ordinary family, was a hundred thousand miles away from her, so it was rare that she could use another identity to make friends with herself, not to mention that she also helped herself to get a valuable master cla*s slot.

The only thing that Xiao Churan is not happy about is the fact that Fei Ke Xin has suddenly evaporated without leaving any clues from the friend she had been talking to.

Xiao Churan’s friends are not many, and to make friends and more heartfelt, the results did not expect the other party evaporated not to mention, and later found that even the identity is false, which makes her heart, more or less, some blow.

Thinking of this, Xiao Churan could not help but ask: “Right husband, Miss Fei will return to the country with us?”

Ye Chen shook his head: “She should not, what’s wrong?”

Xiao Churan sighed lightly and sighed: “It’s okay, friends, as long as everything goes well for her.”