Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5113

There are many direct flights from Vancouver, Canada to New York, USA, and Ye Chen plans to return home from New York, so he can meet the three of them in New York first.

The time soon arrived on Friday.

Xiao Churan finished all the cla*ses at noon and returned to the hotel. Once she entered the room, she couldn’t hide her excitement and said to Ye Chen: “Honey, our cla*ses are all over!”

Ye Chen smiled and asked her, “How did you feel after the whole master cla*s?”

“Very good!” Xiao Churan could not help but sigh: “The heritage of the top design schools, as well as the thinking of the top design masters, it is difficult for a small designer like me to learn to understand on their own, it is like those who study cla*sical music, you have to go to the top cla*sical music schools like Curtis, Juilliard, in order to realize how big the gap between yourself and the world’s top. ”

Said, Xiao Churan self-deprecating smile, said seriously: “In fact, I feel, I such a small student, suddenly came to this kind of top hall, not at all like to learn something, but more like to pilgrimage.”

Ye Chen smiled gently and encouraged: “Do not think so, I have always felt that you have the talent to become a world-cla*s designer, only now is still young, has not yet ushered in the thick and thin time, the masters of various industries are generally in the age of 40 or 50 years old before they start to make a fortune, you are still so young, must not look down on yourself, maybe when you are forty years old, you will be able to Become the world’s top female designers, at that time, I will really lie flat at home to eat my wife’s soft rice.”

Xiao Churan couldn’t help but laugh out loud and said shyly, “I’m afraid that before I become a world-cla*s design master, you’ll already be a world-cla*s feng shui master.

Ye Chen laughed: “If Bill Gates asks me to read feng shui, then I really have to think about it.”

Xiao Churan curiously asked: “Why, husband, Bill Gates asked you to look at feng shui and you have to consider?”

Ye Chen laughed: “Who came all the way to the United States to serve him ah, if he buys a villa in Jinling, maybe I can even go and give him a couple of looks, the United States forget it.”

Xiao Churan couldn’t help but laugh out loud and said, “You, you said you were fat and you’re really panting!”

After saying that, Xiao Churan remembered Ma Lan, and asked her: “By the way husband, how is my mother in New York in the end ah, these days I send her video calls, she always does not answer, must be converted to voice before willing to talk to me a few words, I always think she is not hiding something from me.”

Ye Chen thought: “Of course she has something to hide from you, you certainly can not imagine, she broke her leg again, right now this Bedford Hills ghost, is in the hospital in New York to recuperate, if you video, will not leak the stuffing?”