Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5112

Ye Chen agreed and said, “This is also something worth learning from us, the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall should also gradually set up an internal institution that specializes in training Dark Realm experts, the first stage can be selected from within first, and in the second stage, it can be like the Tiger Ben Battalion of the Broken Qing Society, looking for suitable targets around the world.”

After saying that, Ye Chen added: “This matter, I will go back and think about it, and try to put it on the agenda as soon as possible.”

Wan Breaking Jun respectfully said, “Okay Mr. Ye, my subordinates will wait for your instructions!”


At noon, the speedboat Ye Chen and Wan Bajun were on had arrived in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.

In order not to delay, Ye Chen took the Concorde directly from Beirut to return to the United States.

And Wan Breaking Army also returned to the headquarters base of the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple in Syria after Ye Chen’s plane took off.

The Mighty Broken Clear Society did not know that they had permanently lost their base in Cyprus.

A few hours later, Ye Chen returned to Providence, to his wife Xiao Churan’s side.

Xiao Churan only thought that her husband had finished reading feng shui for another client, but she did not know that he had spent the past few days bouncing around Northern Europe, Syria, Lebanon and Cyprus in order to fight against the most mysterious and powerful organization in the world.

After returning to Providence, it coincided with the end of Xiao Churan’s master cla*s at the Rhode Island School of Design.

The Rhode Island School of Design had prepared a special ceremony for the master cla*s, and Xiao Churan had greeted Ye Chen two days in advance, asking him to accompany her to the ceremony.

Ye Chen naturally did not refuse, his wife, after all, had studied hard in the master cla*s for more than a month and was looking at graduation, so he must accompany her and attend the closing ceremony together, which would also be considered a successful conclusion to this study in the United States.

The closing ceremony was scheduled for Friday night, and Xiao Churan was already returning to her home, so she wanted to check out of her room early Saturday morning and embark on her return journey.

Ye Chen did not hesitate to agree to this and had the Ye family’s Concorde ready to take off from New York early Saturday morning.

The main reason for taking off from New York is that Ye Chen still has to go to the hospital of the Fei family to pick up Ma Lan who is recovering in the hospital.

In addition, Auntie Li and Li Xiaofen, who were adopted by Auntie Li and who indirectly saved Li Xiaofen’s life by informing Ye Chen in advance – Claudia DiNorscio – had promised Ye Chen that they would return to China together with the couple after Xiao Churan’s studies were over.

Auntie Li and Li Xiaofen will help themselves to the large orphanage they invested in after they go back, and as for Claudia, who already has no relatives, Ye Chen also promised her that he would find a way to arrange for her to study at Jinling University so that she would put down roots in Jinling in the future.