Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5111

“Adding three more Dark Realm experts?!”

Wan Bajun was a bit stunned by Ye Chen’s words, and his jaw dropped.

Although he was already a Dark Realm expert now, he knew very well in his heart just how rare a Dark Realm expert was.

It was not an exaggeration to say that Wan Bajun had not seen a single one that could break through the Dark Realm by his own cultivation.

The first is himself, can break through the dark realm, all thanks to Ye Chen to bring up.

The second is his master, thirty years failed to break through, also relied on Ye Chen to give the opportunity to finally be able to wish.

As for Duan Liye, the special envoy of the Qing Breaking a*sociation, and Ni Zhenyu, the sectional amba*sador, they were also trained by the Tiger Ben Camp of the Qing Breaking a*sociation.

Therefore, so far, Wan Bajun has not heard of any Dark Realm expert who broke through by himself.

Because of this, when Wan Bajun heard that Ye Chen was going to add three more Dark Realm experts to Wan Long Hall, his whole body was shocked and happy, and he couldn’t even believe his ears.

In Wan Bajun’s opinion, if the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons could have five Dark Realm experts, the overall strength would definitely cross a brand new level again, which was definitely a great good thing.

Thus, he gratefully and excitedly said to Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye, if my subordinates tell this good news to those brothers who are six-star war generals or above, they will definitely be very excited!”

Ye Chen nodded slightly and said indifferently, “The establishment of the Huben Battalion by the Broken Qing Society is indeed a wonderful move! Unlike the dead soldiers, those who are able to join the Huben Battalion are almost all Ming Realm Great Perfection level experts, and what is even more valuable is that the Broken Qing Society does not need to imprison or enslave them at all, they only need to tell them that the Huben Battalion can make them Dark Realm experts, and they themselves will rush to join the Broken Qing Society, and they can also make them take the poison voluntarily. ”


Said, Ye Chen said with a serious expression: “the biggest advantage of the Huben camp, is that he simply do not need to train from within their own little to select, but can be selected from among the world’s martial artists, do not underestimate the merit of this selection, it can directly set the screening threshold to the ceiling, greatly saving their energy and time. ”

Wan Breaking Jun also could not help but sigh: “They make every case expert must enter the world to travel and discover talents for the Huben battalion, this move is also very subtle, these dark realm experts, can easily see all martial artists of Ming realm great consummation and below Ming realm great consummation cultivation, in this way, as long as there is a Ming realm great consummation found by them, it is difficult to refuse them to become a dark realm expert the bait.”