Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5110

  The guards and crew of the freighter bowed respectfully to Duan Liye and shouted “Good day, Special Envoy” with respectful faces.

However, Duan Liye rarely responded, at most giving a muffled cry before walking towards his office without looking back.

After entering the room with his male pet, the captain came to the door, knocked on it and said respectfully, “Lord Envoy, we have finished loading our cargo, do you think we should leave the port?”

At this moment, Duan Liye had already triggered the strong hint that Ye Chen had left deep inside him, he only knew that everything was as usual in the copper mine, there was nothing abnormal, and he had successfully completed this delivery of medicine as well as the on-site review, this routine mission had been successfully concluded.

He then said indifferently, “Since the goods are all loaded, let’s just set off.”

“Good!” The captain responded and hurriedly said, “Then my subordinates will arrange to set sail!”

The cargo ship, which had been moored in the harbour overnight, finally began to set sail and leave.

Duan Liye, as well as his male pets, had completely forgotten about what had happened at the copper mine by now.

It was also Ye Chen’s tactful and triggering psychological suggestion that ensured that Duan Liye looked as normal as usual at such times.

When the cargo ship disappeared at sea level, Ye Chen was also ready to depart back to Lebanon, together with Wan Breaking Army.

Arrangements had already been made for the affairs related to the garrison, and in future, this garrison would be jointly managed by Qiu Zhiyuan, Wan Bajun’s master, as well as Li Nianzong, the Primus Guard, and Thirty-Nine Zero, the Deadly Warrior.

Their common superior, on the other hand, is Wan Bajun.

Wan Bajun had left a way for them to contact each other online, and asked Qiu Zhiyuan to gather Li Nianzong and Thirty Nine Zero to give him a routine report together once a day.

Once everything was arranged, Ye Chen stepped on the speedboat back to Lebanon with Wan Brejun.

After sailing, Ye Chen said to Wan Bajun, “Bajun, when we arrive in Lebanon later, I will fly back to the United States directly, so you should keep an eye on things here.”

Without thinking, Wan Bajun said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Ye, my subordinates will not let anything go wrong here.”

“Good.” Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction and spoke, “When you return, have the brethren of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall who are six-star war generals or above, go all out on closed-door cultivation, and make sure to lay their respective foundations firmly!”

Saying that, Ye Chen added, “Within this year, the Dark Realm experts of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall must exceed five! Right now, apart from you and your master, there are still three people missing!”

“You tell them that of these three, I will select the three with the best qualifications, the most stable foundation and the most diligent cultivation from them, and help them break through to the Dark Realm! Whoever works the hardest will have the possibility of becoming one of these three!”