Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5109

  Ye Chen asked again, “How did you become this sectional amba*sador?”

Ni Zhenyu replied, “I am from the Huben Battalion, and after I came out of the Huben Battalion, I first travelled around various continents before I was a*signed here as a sectional envoy.” You’re so curious!

Ye Chen asked him curiously, “The Broken Qing Society is so strict in its management, how come they let you travel around?”

Ni Zhenyu said, “Sir, travelling is a necessary process for everyone who comes out of the Huben Battalion. The organisation lets us travel around so that we can look for people who are talented in martial arts and convince them to join the Qing Breaking Society.”

Ye Chen sneered, “So it is to pull heads everywhere, it seems that the Broken Qing Society is very short of people.”

“Yes.” Ni Zhenyu nodded and said, “In these few years, there are fewer and fewer members of the Huben Battalion, and there are fewer and fewer martial geniuses with the potential to step into the Dark Realm, which is why the organisation has asked us to travel around to find suitable talents.”

Ye Chen nodded, pointed at Qiu Zhiyuan and ordered, “Ni Zhenyu, from today onwards, I want you to never leave this copper mine, follow his instructions at all times, do whatever he tells you to do, and if anyone tries to do anything against him, you must be the first to defend him with your life, even if you die, you are not afraid, do you understand?”

Ni Zhenyu nodded his head without hesitation and said, “I understand!”

Ye Chen nodded slightly and said to Qiu Zhiyuan, “This person’s strength has reached two heavens of the Dark Realm, stay by your side to be a helper for you.”

Qiu Zhiyuan was busy saying, “Mr. Ye, the Broken Army is in need of people, and this person’s cultivation level is even above my master and disciple, so why not let him stay by the Broken Army’s side and serve the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall!”

Ye Chen waved his hand and said indifferently, “Wan Long Hall is in a different situation from you, Wan Long Hall has become a ground snake in the Middle East, and even the Broken Clear Society has to weigh in, but your place is different, there are killing machines everywhere, in case the Broken Clear Society changes an envoy who is even stronger than Duan Liye, you two Dark Realm experts, you have a better chance of winning, it is better to keep him here with you. ”

When Qiu Zhiyuan heard this, he no longer insisted and said with an arch of his hand, “My subordinates will follow the arrangement of sir!”


Ten o’clock in the morning.

Duan Liye, who was the special envoy, was taken to the pier by the caravan together with his male pets.

As the members within the copper mine still needed to conceal their identities, none of the section envoys and others would get off the car during the normal send-off session.

Therefore, Qiu Zhiyuan did not get off the car at this point either.

He watched as Duan Liye and his male favourite disembarked and watched the two men stride onto the freighter.