Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5106

For some martial arts sects, they would also divide their martial arts techniques into several parts; for outer disciples, they could only learn a small piece of skin, while inner disciples could learn some essence, but if they really wanted to learn all the heart techniques within the sect, they would inevitably have to be the most trustworthy closed disciples to be able to do so.

When Ye Chen asked Qiu Zhiyuan to teach these dead soldiers and primus inter pares, a normal person would have hesitated, or even struggled, even if he had agreed.

However, Qiu Zhiyuan did not hesitate and did not intend to hide anything. From this alone, it could be seen that this man was sincere in his submission and had full sincerity.

Thus, Ye Chen nodded, looked at him and asked with a smile, “Stuck in the Ming realm at the Great Perfection for so many years, you should be anxious, right?”

“Yes……” Qiu Zhiyuan nodded sincerely and said, “Being trapped for decades is indeed anxiety-provoking, if it were not for my eagerness to break through, I am afraid I would not have been in a momentary rush, knowing that it would be drinking hemlock (zhèn) to quench my thirst, but still decided to Join the Qing Breaking Society ……”

Ye Chen nodded slightly and said indifferently, “Breakthrough is about talent, but even more about chance, if you don’t have enough talent, you may not be able to become a Dark Realm expert even if you work harder, and if you don’t have the chance, you may not be able to find the way to begin even if you wander outside the door for decades.”

Qiu Zhiyuan was ashamed and said, “What Mr. Ye said is very true, my subordinate is not gifted enough and his chance is even less, unlike Broken Jun, who was able to receive the heavenly chance bestowed by Mr. Ye at a young age ……”

Wan Bajun looked at his master’s humble and ashamed appearance, his heart was both heartbroken and thankful.

The heartache is because seeing his master wasting so many years and not being able to get what he wanted.

I am glad because I have taken at least thirty years less of a detour than he did.

It is impossible to describe the significance of taking thirty to fifty years less of a detour in a life of just over a hundred years.

Ye Chen let out a light laugh and said, “The special envoy of the Qing Breaking Society is a Dark Realm expert, and the sect leader before you is also a Dark Realm expert, after Broken Army and I left, you are theoretically the highest commander of this place, if you can’t reach the Dark Realm, doesn’t it seem like we are inferior to the Qing Breaking Society… …”

Upon hearing this, Qiu Zhiyuan’s expression became even more ashamed as he said, “Mr. Ye, my subordinate is not strong enough, so I’m holding you back!”

At this moment, seeing that his master was still dumbfounded, he urged with some impatience, “Master, quickly thank Mr. Ye for his promotion!

“Huh?” Qiu Zhiyuan froze as he listened, obviously not yet understanding what Wan Bajun meant by these words.

Wan Bajun was already a little anxious and hurriedly said, “Master, you don’t know Mr. Ye, for Mr. Ye to say that, this is his intention to wish you a favor and help you make a breakthrough!”

After saying that, he immediately knelt down in front of Ye Chen on both knees and said in fear, “Mr. Ye, my subordinate is so clever that I don’t know if I have misunderstood your meaning, if I have really misunderstood, I hope you can forgive me!”

Ye Chen nodded and smiled, “You are right, that is exactly what I meant.”

Even if Qiu Zhiyuan was slow, he had understood by this time.

Hearing that Ye Chen had affirmed Wan Breaking Jun’s guess, he also hurriedly knelt down on both knees and choked back tears of gratitude, “My subordinate …… thanks Mr. Ye for his generous kindness!”

Ye Chen nodded and took out two blood dispersing heart saving pills from his pocket and handed them directly to Qiu Zhiyuan, smiling, “Take the medicine immediately, close your eyes and run the power of the medicine to all your meridians, when you open your eyes again, you will be a Dark Realm expert!”