Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5104

Qiu Zhiyuan bowed once again, “Back to Mr. Ye, my subordinate can do it!”

“Good!” Ye Chen looked at Primus Guards Li Nianzong and ordered, “Li Nianzong, once you receive the news, immediately inform all the families of the Primus Guards to prepare for evacuation, at the same time, you personally lead the elite troops of the Primus Guards to quietly go out and control all the people on the cargo ship in the shortest possible time, to ensure that they cannot pa*s any information to the outside world in a short time, can you do that? ”

Li Nianzong replied firmly without thinking, “Sir, don’t worry, my subordinates will not disgrace the mission!”

Ye Chen nodded and looked at the dead soldier XXXIX and ordered, “XXXIX, once you receive the news, immediately organize all the dead soldiers and their families to prepare for the evacuation, you live deep underground, when you evacuate, you must do it in an orderly manner while ensuring speed and efficiency, absolutely no panic! And make sure that the elderly, children and women are evacuated first, if anyone else dares to rush ahead, they will be killed, can you do that?”

Thirty Nine Zero respectfully said, “Sir, don’t worry, Thirty Nine Zero guarantees on his head that there will never be any disclosure!”

Ye Chen nodded slightly in satisfaction and spoke, “At that time, as long as you can take out the new envoy and control the people on the freighter in the shortest possible time, you can theoretically buy at least half a day, or twelve hours, for the evacuation, which is the time needed to unload and reload the freighter;”

“The Broken Clear Society is too confident in their poison as well as the antidote, this is also our chance, if we seize these twelve hours, we will be able to evacuate without a trace;”

“After everyone has retreated, the last special forces team left behind to break the back will be responsible for blowing up the entire copper mine!”

“When the time comes, the huge explosion will definitely trigger local attention in Cyprus first, and once they intervene, it will become very difficult for the Broken Clear Society to follow up on the investigation.”

“Moreover, this kind of explosion, will completely destroy the entire underground, while forming a cave-in in the ground, several hundred metres deep, and it will be impossible for them to investigate deeper;”

“So as long as we don’t leave any clues when we withdraw, these thousands of people will be like evaporating in the eyes of the Broken Clear Society, and they will rack their brains to not be able to think of how these people actually did it, let alone how these people broke through the shackles of the antidote.”

“At that time, I’m afraid that the Broken Qing Society itself will first be scared sh*tless, and it will definitely be a huge blow to them!”

Speaking of this, Ye Chen gave a slight beat and said with a smile, “Above, is our plan to overturn the nest!”