Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5101

Ye Chen’s words caused Duan Liye to short-circuit a little at once.

However, after a few seconds of stroking, he was able to figure out what Ye Chen was implying with this hint.

In fact, Ye Chen was trying to give him a trigger condition for his hint.

When Duan Liye was not here, Ye Chen did not need him to use him for himself, nor did he need him to keep in his mind that he was his master.

What Ye Chen needed was that when Duan Liye was not here, he was still himself, and he did not remember that he had any master, nor did he remember that he had been psychologically hinted at, so as to ensure that he had no influence in front of the others.

And once he got off the ship and arrived at the copper mine, the really strong suggestion began to take effect.

This ensures that once Duan Liye arrives here, he becomes a tool man, and when he leaves here, he can return to normal and be himself again.

The only difference was that in the deepest part of his subconscious, Ye Chen had given him an extremely deep hidden hint, convinced that there was nothing abnormal here.

This command was extremely simple and did not require Duan Liye to think about it, let alone respond to any other variables for it, so this extremely deep psychological hint would have reduced the impact on Duan Liye to a limit.

What’s more, Ye Chen also specifically implied that he should follow his true colours, so that it would be even harder for others to see anything.

However, apart from Duan Liye, last night on the boat, Ye Chen had also taken control of that male pet of his.

Right now, the same psychological implication needed to be given to that male pet.

So, he said to Duan Liye, “Go to the boat and bring that male pet of yours over, I have something to explain to him.”

“Good.” Duan Liye nodded without a second thought, and then immediately pushed the door out.

Right after Duan Liye left, Ye Chen called Wan Breaking Jun, Li Nianzong, Thirty Nine Zero, Five Four Seven and Wan Breaking Jun’s master Qiu Zhiyuan to his office.

Once everyone came in, Ye Chen spoke, “Gentlemen, I have solved the problem of Duan Liye, in the future, as long as he is still a special envoy, this place can temporarily avoid the surveillance of the Qing Breaking Society, however, once this matter changes, I am afraid that this base will have to be forbidden, at that time everyone must immediately evacuate from Cyprus.”

Li Nianzong asked respectfully, “Sir, all of us together are over four thousand, if we really need to evacuate, where can we evacuate to?”

Ye Chen smiled faintly and said with relief, “Don’t worry about that, the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple is building a base across the river in Syria that can accommodate 100,000 people, if it is really necessary, I will ask him to move everyone to Syria.”