Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5100

Ye Chen asked again, “And there won’t be anyone of a higher rank than you, coming here to check on the situation?”

Duan Liye shook his head, “In order to avoid exposing the top management, the organization’s consistent attitude is to have a single person and a single line of contact, and no other senior executives will be sent to participate.”

“That’s good.” Ye Chen’s heart became more solid as he opened his mouth and asked him, “As long as you tell your superiors that everything is normal here, they won’t suspect too much, right?”

Duan Liye nodded and said, “Normally that’s the case, but it still needs to be combined with some of the surveillance footage here, before I leave, I will bring the surveillance hard drive back to them, and they will copy the footage from the hard drive and analyse it.”

Ye Chen asked him, “Who will analyse it?”

Duan Liye said, “There should be a special security team in charge.”

Ye Chen turned to Wan Bajun and asked, “Bajun, can the surveillance footage be tampered with?”

Wan Bajun nodded and said, “It’s too easy, the team under me can modify the surveillance footage frame by frame, and make sure that the other party doesn’t see any clues.”

“Good.” Ye Chen nodded slightly and turned to Li Nianzong, “Copy out the surveillance before this morning and give it to him to take away, and for the surveillance behind, let Duan Liye take it away the next time he comes after Broken Army’s people have taken care of it.”

Li Nianzong was busy saying, “Yes sir!”

Ye Chen asked Duan Liye again, “If you tell your superiors that everything is normal here, and the surveillance footage does not reveal anything unusual, will your superiors still ask for more details like you?”

“No.” Duan Liye shook his head and said, “He also has very little communication with me, he barely meets with me usually, and when I say that everything is not abnormal, he will report to his superiors truthfully.”

Saying that, Duan Liye further explained, “Within the Broken Qing Society, due to the severe poison in our bodies and the fact that everyone needs the antidote, the organization has never had any deviation in our control, so the organization has always focused on strictly preventing the outside world from prying into the secrets of the Broken Qing Society, but there is not much worry that there will be traitors within the Broken Qing Society, after all, everyone’s life is in the Broken Qing Society’s hands, no one would go against the Broken Clear Society, even the dead soldiers who went out on missions wouldn’t dare to escape, after all, not only were their own lives in the hands of the organization, but so were the lives of their families.”

Ye Chen nodded, it seemed that the Broken Qing Society was very confident in their antidote and did not think that anyone could break this antidote.

Thinking of this, he only had one last thing left to do, and that was to give Duan Liye, a new “psychological suggestion”.

This new “mental suggestion” was more complex, more powerful and more skillful.

This would be the killer solution to his last problem.

With this in mind, he called Duan Liye to his office and sent more aura into his body when there were only two people in the office.

Afterwards, Ye Chen stared at Duan Liye and said in a cold voice, “Remember, Duan Liye! From now on, as soon as you get off the ship and enter the copper mine, you will remember me and remember that I am your only master, and then you will stay here honestly and wait for my people to make all the preparations before you return to the freighter as if nothing has happened.

Duan Liye nodded his head without hesitation and said, “My subordinate understands!”

Ye Chen turned his words and said, “However, once you get on the ship, you will forget about me and me being your only master for a while, forget about the psychological suggestion I just gave you, and in your subconscious mind, you only need to firmly believe in one thing, that is: you have finished all the work inside the copper mine, and firmly believe that everything is fine and there is nothing abnormal inside the copper mine! ”

“Other than that, you should follow your true nature, be your envoy, practice your martial arts, play with your male pets, and do whatever you want with Duan Liye! Can you hear me?”