Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5099

Their children did not need them to work hard to make a third of them become “scholarly”.

As long as they could join Ye Chen in eradicating the Qing Breaking Society, all of their children would become true scholars!

Thinking of this, Thirty Nine said with tears in his eyes, “Thank you, sir, for your great kindness and generosity, all the dead soldiers will never forget it!”

Ye Chen patted him on the shoulder and turned to Wan Bajun and said, “Bajun, from the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, find a few female warriors with higher education, and have them come here regularly to teach the children, using our regular Chinese teaching materials, and also prepare a set of projection equipment down there, and show the children some films every day that can give them a quick understanding of the world, of history and the present. ”

After saying that, Ye Chen added: “Right, there is also the Internet, move a network cable in, prepare some computers, so that the children know what is the Internet, but the Internet for the time being can not let the children get started on their own, after all, we have to be careful that they accidentally leak information to be discovered by the Broken Qing Society.”

Without thinking, Wan Xiaojun said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Ye, I will make all the arrangements!”

Ye Chen nodded gently and said to Thirty Nine Zero, “In another twenty minutes, take the children down first, then come to the meeting room and we will all have a meeting together.”

Thirty Nine Zero immediately said respectfully, “Yes sir!”

Ye Chen didn’t say any more, but took Wan Xiaojun and the others and went to the meeting room first.

Right now, it was already dawn, and the supplies that the ships had delivered to the copper mine last night had been quietly transported long before dawn, and the loading of the copper ore was now taking place at the pier, and once the loading was finished, it would be time for Duan Liye, as the special envoy, to return to the ship.

Ye Chen needed to smooth out all the links and solve all the hidden problems before then, so that he could ensure that Duan Liye would not be exposed when he arrived in Turkey after he left.

As for how to keep Duan Liye from revealing the clues, Ye Chen also had a new idea of his own.

In the past, he did not use psychological suggestion very often because it had a very serious drawback. Once the target person was in a controlled state, his behaviour and reaction would appear to be somewhat slow, and a discerning person could see at a glance that something was wrong.

In the past, when Ma Lan was at her peak, Ye Chen did not use psychological suggestion on her, just because of this reason.

Once the psychological suggestion was on, Ma Lan would definitely be able to be honest, but the person would also become far from his usual self, and his wife Xiao Churan would definitely notice the abnormality by then.

Duan Liye’s situation was the same.

Even more, it was a little trickier.

The reason for this was mainly because these middle and senior members within the Broken Clear Society were all not weak, and Dark Realm experts were supposed to have eyes and ears to see and hear everything, so if Duan Liye showed too much abnormality, once he arrived in Turkey to return to his superiors, he would definitely be seen out.

Therefore, Ye Chen planned to play a trick.

So, he called Duan Liye to him and opened his mouth to ask, “Duan Liye let me ask you, is there anyone else from the Turkish side who would come here normally, apart from you and your a*sistant?”

“No more.” Duan Liye shook his head and said respectfully, “I’m a fixed envoy and I’m mainly in charge of this line, so every time I’m the one in charge of bringing medicine and supplies over, no one else will follow along.”