Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5098

The eyes of all the children were at that moment attracted by the golden thing that was rising!

As the sun rose in an ever-increasing arc, ten thousand feet of golden light dyed the entire sky, along with the entire sea, golden.

The sky was aglow with haze, the sea was sparkling with light!

The rising sun distorted the light of the skyline a little, and it looked, more than anything, dreamy.

The children, as well as the parents who were looking after the young children, were frozen in awe.

Even though the light was becoming more and more blinding, no one bothered to blink their eyelids.

The mothers of the children, and those who were still in their teens, subconsciously clung to their closest friends, and they or they in groups, could not control the tears.

The scene before them was one that they would not have been able to think about for another twenty years underground.

Soon, the golden sun had broken out of the sea and the world was bathed in the first rays of sunlight.

For the hundreds of millions of ordinary people living in this time zone, it was just a normal, ordinary day.

But for these seven hundred children, this moment was the brand new beginning of their lives!

Ye Chen looked at the hundreds of young faces illuminated by the sunlight in front of him, and said to Li Nianzong, Thirty Nine Zero, and Wan Xiaojun beside him, “Before today, their lives were a long eternal night; after today, they will have true light!”

After saying this, he suddenly made a decision and said in a stern voice, “From today onwards, don’t let these children learn martial arts anymore! If anyone really wants to learn, it is not too late to do so when they reach the age of eighteen!”

Thirty-nine said subconsciously, “Sir, if you wait until you are eighteen before you start learning martial arts, it will be too late.”

“Late?” Ye Chen snorted coldly, “If you really want to learn, it’s not too late any day! I don’t want them to learn martial arts because I don’t want them to pay too much for their childhood because of the Broken Qing Society!”

“Besides, if our generation can eradicate the Qing Breaking Society, what need is there for these children to learn martial arts?”

“Instead of practising martial arts, they should get out of here, settle with their parents in a peaceful and stable country, study hard, get into a good university, study a profession they are interested in, and then find a job that will allow them to start a family and create their own value in society!”

“That, for them, is the best option!”

Thirty Nine Zero then realised that his thinking was still stuck in the previous mode.

Before Ye Chen’s appearance, the only thing a dead soldier could do was to improve his abilities as much as possible, become a primus guard as much as possible, and after becoming a primus guard, have a few more children to ensure that his offspring had a “scholar”, so as to break away from the life of fighting and killing.

But things have changed.