Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5096

Li Nianzong and Thirty Nine Zero were both a little stunned.

They did not expect that Ye Chen would actually plan to use the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall to help them with their simple shopping problems, which obviously sounded a little too exuberant.

However, once they thought that they would really be able to purchase various things from the outside world for themselves and their families with the money they earned from their daily labour, they could not help but feel a little bit of anticipation in their hearts.

After all, Li Nianzong had already been a banner commander of the Primus Guards. Although the banner commander was not paid either, he at least lived above ground and had a much better knowledge of the world than the subterranean and isolated Thirty-Nine.

Thirty-nine Zero had continued to explain to his son for several years in order to make him understand that the earth was a circle.

However, his son had not yet gone out on a mission and had not seen the outside world, and Thirty Nine Zero himself could not even hold a globe, so there was no reasonable way to make his son understand this simplest of truths.

Once the kind of model Ye Chen was talking about was implemented, and he himself earned money, he would only need a few dollars to purchase a globe to explain to his son what the world was really made of.

Ye Chen added at this point, “By the way, for the selection of labourers, I hope you can use families as a unit, so that each family can select a strong labourer to participate, so that the maximum fairness and justice can be achieved.”

“Yes sir!” Both of them nodded their heads in agreement without a second thought, and this idea of Ye Chen’s coincided with their intentions.

Ye Chen continued, “Also, if the family members are involved in logistical support, they are also to be paid according to the actual type of work and workload, in addition, if there are underage children, each of them will be paid a milk fee at two hundred US dollars per month, and this money will be collected and held by their family members on their behalf.”

“Milk money?” The two listened in confusion, completely unable to understand what this money meant.

Ye Chen simply said indifferently, “Just think of it as a little welfare for the children from me.”

Saying that, Ye Chen remembered something and said to Thirty Nine Zero again, “By the way, from now on, starting at five o’clock every morning and ending at eleven o’clock at night, for these 18 hours, you can send at least six groups of people to the surface in turn, and they can change into the uniform clothes of the Primus Guards for three hours of outdoor activities at the surface, but they are absolutely not allowed to leave the copper mine without permission, so that word will not get out. ”

Thirty-nine Zero immediately a*sured, “Sir, don’t worry, I’ll give you my word on my head that there will never be a single dead soldier, or the family of a dead soldier, leaving the confines of the copper mine without permission!”

“Good.” Ye Chen nodded and said, “Alright, start organising the children to go up one after another now!”