Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5090

Thirty Nine Zero blurted out, “Naturally, we are willing to fight to the death, but how can we have such an opportunity? For hundreds of years, the dead have been firmly controlled by the organization, not to mention the hundreds of years of living in a place that is comparable to a heavenly prison, the poison in our bodies alone, we are destined to be unable to resist at all, not to mention resisting the Broken Qing Society, we don’t even have the ability to resist the Primus Guards and escape from here ……”

Ye Chen smiled and asked aloud, “If I could completely cure the poison in your bodies, would you be willing to fight them to the death?”

Thirty Nine Zero said without thinking, “If sir can really cure the poison in our bodies, Thirty Nine Zero is willing to follow sir for the rest of his life and serve his ancestors as a dog and horse!”

Ye Chen nodded slightly, looked around and asked, “What about the others? Are you willing to do so?”

The group of people looked at each other for a while.

If what Ye Chen said was true, they would naturally be willing to do so.

However, at this moment, they could not believe this “if” that Ye Chen had said.

The reason was that for so many years and so many people had tried to fight the poison in their bodies, but none of them had ever succeeded.

In the minds of the dead soldiers, the poison was like an invisible shackle that could not be broken free for the rest of one’s life, it was like gravity to oneself, one simply could not fight it, and one could not hope that it could disappear completely.

Therefore, when everyone was faced with Ye Chen’s bold words at this moment, they did not know how to reply for a while.

At this moment, someone whispered from below, “Could this be a ploy used by the organisation to test our heartfeltness?”

As soon as these words came out, everyone else echoed them and began to whisper below.

Even when Thirty Nine Zero heard this, his expression couldn’t help but be astonished.

He too was somewhat unable to distinguish whether Ye Chen was an enemy or a friend.

Ye Chen took out an antidote at this time and looked at Thirty Nine Zero as he said indifferently, “Since you were the first to take a stand, let you set an example for them.”

After saying that, he threw the antidote at Thirty Nine Zero and said in a loud voice, “Take this antidote and it will completely remove the severe poison in your body, whether you are brave enough to try it or not, you decide for yourself!”

Thirty Nine Zero reached out and grabbed the antidote thrown at him, and after just a glance, he said without thinking, “Sir should be the first outsider to find his way here in hundreds of years, and on that basis alone, I, Thirty Nine Zero, believe in Sir!”

Having said that, without hesitation, he immediately put the antidote into his mouth!