Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5086

, they would hand over to another team that came over to hand over the shift, and after the number was verified to be correct, they would send back all the men of this shift that had been replaced, and after reaching that level below, they would count the number once more, and after confirming that it was correct, this shift of miners would go back to rest, and the primus guards who were responsible for supervising them would also go back to rest.”

Ye Chen asked him, “Is there any extra pay for the dead soldiers who act as miners and their families?”

“No.” Li Nianzong shook his head, “According to the organization’s requirements, we will only select those dead soldiers and their families who are not strong enough to carry out their labour, and will not give them any extra pay.”

Ye Chen nodded gently.

At this moment, Li Nianzong had already led him and the others to a room with the word distribution room written on it.

Upon entering the room, the first thing that jumped into his eyes was the well-organised electrical equipment, but as Li Nianzong operated a set of power distribution cabinets on the wall for a moment, immediately afterwards, the whole wall suddenly opened slowly inwards.

Ye Chen was able to tell from the side of the door frame that the door, which was disguised as a wall, was almost nearly one metre thick, and both sides were reinforced with very thick steel plates; not to mention martial arts experts, even ordinary heavy firepower would not be able to blow this wall open.

Behind this wall was a huge machine room, which was actually the equipment and operation room of a heavy lift, and below it was a huge lift cage.

Li Nianzong led the crowd up to the cage and used his iris to activate the cage, which then took the crowd on a descent to an altitude of minus six hundred metres.

As the cage was running downwards, Li Nianzong said to Ye Chen, “Mr Ye, all the safety equipment here is one-way, the hidden door just now, as well as this lift cage, can only be operated by us from the outside, in addition to that, once the cage reaches the bottom, there is a door that opens from the outside, which can also only be opened by us from the outside. ”

Ye Chen asked him, “This should be the only access to the outside world from the Deadman’s quarters, right?”

“That’s right.” Li Nianzong nodded and said, “The dead soldiers can only get in and out by a pa*sage, but there are also a large number of steel ventilation pipes in their quarters, but the thickest inner diameter of those pipes is only eleven centimeters, people can’t get out at all, so there is no possibility for them to escape, even if they can open that door at the bottom, it is impossible for them to climb up this one hundred meter high shaft, and even if they can climb up Even if they could climb up,