Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5081

Both sides had their own thoughts, and were looking forward to the appearance of the envoy.

At this moment, Ye Chen, who was dressed in a black robe but did not use a hat to cover his face, stepped onto the stage under the watchful eyes of everyone.

The puppet chairman respectfully took a few steps back, leaving the middle seat for Ye Chen.

As they watched the “Special Envoy” show his true face for the first time, none of the Primus Guards, who were divided into two camps on the stage, felt anything unusual.

After all, both sides had their own understanding of Ye Chen’s act of revealing his true face.

As Ye Chen stood on the stage, he looked down at the two hundred people below him and said with a smile on his face, “Gentlemen, I believe that today is an extraordinary day for all of you, a day to remember! It is also a day to build a career!”

The two sides on the stage, each with their own thoughts, were more excited when they heard these words.

Ma Chenfei, who was holding the towel, and his colleagues who were holding the towel, all subconsciously held the towel tighter in their hands, as if what they were holding was not a towel, but a ticket to the next stage of glory and fortune.

They overlooked the fact that the primus guards around them, who were not holding towels, had already begun to quietly gaze at them with their afterglow, ready to strike at them at any moment.

Ye Chen on the stage smiled faintly and spoke, “Today, I have good news to tell you all, Lord Ying has prepared a new antidote for you, this new antidote can make the severe poison in your bodies, from having an attack once every seven days, extend to fifteen days, I hope that you can build a successful career for Lord Ying in the future!”

After saying this, he waved his right hand and said in a loud voice, “Someone, give the medicine and wine!”

Hearing these words, Duan Liye, Qiu Zhiyuan and the sectarians immediately went forward and distributed antidotes to all the men, while arranging for several senior members of the Primus to bring out the white wine and wine cups prepared in advance and pour a gla*s for each of them.

Among them, Ma Chenfei was particularly attentive and handed the first cup of wine to Ye Chen first.

From his point of view, after today, he would become the commander of the primus inter pares and the chief of the primus guards, so it was inevitable that he would have to meet with the “special envoy” more often in the future, so it was best to pay him more compliments.

Ye Chen took the wine cup and said with deep meaning, “Do your best, I’ll see you through!”

Ma Chen Fei was trembling with excitement and said respectfully, “Don’t worry, Your Excellency! I am ready to be loyal to you! I will not let you down!”