Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5080

At this very moment.

More than two hundred primus guards dressed in copper mine uniforms have arrived at the copper mine’s staff hall one after another.

The hall was built in the 1980s and was used mainly for meetings, festivals and ceremonies for the employees of the mine.

When the Society took over the mine, it allowed all the Primus guards to work as employees and most of the families of the Primus guards to work as logistics, so the mine was ostensibly run quite well.

Even when the local government officials occasionally came to inspect the mine, they did not notice anything unusual.

At this time, the arrival of the Primus guards in the staff hall gave the impression that the mine was holding a pep rally or a general meeting.

However, if one were to stand on the sidelines, one would soon notice a problem, that is, among these uniformed employees, more than twenty of them were holding a towel in their left hand.

And those holding the towel had been vaguely excited because they felt that, after tonight, each of them would have the opportunity to go to the next level.

Apart from the vague throbbing excitement, these men had also been keeping an eye on the others around them and were always ready to be asked for their towels.

However, what struck them as odd was that none of them came forward to ask about such an abrupt display of towel in hand.

Each of those with a towel in hand made a little eye contact with each other when they saw another person with a towel in hand.

But those who didn’t have towels in their hands didn’t seem to look at their towels at all.

These people were a little confused as to why the others were so perceptive, all the way over, and these people didn’t seem interested.

What they didn’t know was that these men had actually been given orders long ago to pretend to be oblivious to their odd behaviour on the surface, and later just wait for the Lord Envoy to drop his cup as a signal to wipe out all these people around them, towel in hand!

The Primus soon arrived.

The three flag captains made their respective reports to the chairman after taking stock of their respective men.

It was only a pity that only the Primus Guards, who had made up their minds to break with the Broken Ching Society, knew that this chairman had become a puppet.

At that moment, the chairman walked to the front of the stage and said in a loud voice, “All Primus Guards, listen to the order to welcome the Special Envoy!”

Every primus guard on the stage, at that moment, shouted with emotion, “Greet the envoy!”

The primus with towels in their hands were excited because they were thinking of the immediate success of their work.

The other Primus guards were excited because they wanted to be free from the control of the Qing Breakers and realise the greatest dream of their ancestors.